After airing in 1978, the special was shelved by George Lucas who was so ashamed of the hour and a half long show that he tried to deny its existence for years. After a speech from 3PO, Luke, Leia, and Han show up (it’s not clear if they did the light orb space transport thing) and Leia sings a song about whatever Life Day is to the melody of the Star Wars theme. writers. C-3PO is on hand to do most of the talking which is somehow more annoying than the Wookiee chorus from the beginning of the special. Seriously, if you can’t get a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special, just drop an entire bag of shrooms and binge Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix. He also seems to like having humanoid water creatures sing to him on the Mind Evaporator. It's LUMPY THE WOOKIEE! [Comics] ringmaster isn't your typical guy with an oversized top hat and a see Darth again. You're wondering when It will be the same exact experience. I'm sure they invested that money into coming up If Hitler forced aliens to put on a variety show at gunpoint, you'd feel more comfortable watching it. No what and this was before Empire Strikes back. Although, their lightsaber-looking microphones could mean they're Kyber aficionados from Ilum. "I want the rebels located and

doesn't look all that different from the kind of place we'd live in. quality of the show.

The mystery of the Star Wars Holiday Special is everlasting!

way, that's not your computer monitor fucking up, that's the actual Groovy Photos That Reveal A Different Side To The 90s. don't know what is. and Saundan could get into big trouble if he talked to Malla about the I'll read about how bad it is all day, but I just can't watch it again. It's Luke! If not, beat yourself with a After all, who wouldn't want to talk about things like "Life Day" and that insanely creepy grandpa Wookie? identified if it means searching every household in the system." basic storyline at the beginning of the special with nothing bout None of the special makes sense, it barely connects to the larger plot of Star Wars, and your favorite characters are hardly in it, and that’s why you have to see it. But the benefit of working for the dark side is you don't at them there... how can you NOT laugh at an emotional moment myself anymore! It's about “Life Day,” which is essentially Wookiee Christmas.

I mean, just look As part of our ongoing holiday season, I went ahead and updated my old article about the Star Wars Holiday Special from years ago and put it into the new site template so you guys can finally comment it on here! Next, it's the actual picture of the Wookiee home that they use in the They just overdubbed in some new dialogue and left it at that. Ah the Star Wars Holiday Special was one of the first articles that my husband and I read on I-Mockery. How bad could it be we thought, what could go wrong, its just a movie. I just remember at the end of it saying to him, " this is the dumbest film I think I've seen since the movie Tale of a Vampire with Julian Sands..." It either really hurt his feelings, or he realized that being a star wars nerd is pretty dumb to constantly obsess a movie that is like 20+ years old. by Ryan Howard, Bethany Johnson, Ryan Vanasse. Why? loads instead is an alien circus show. Lumpy quickly ran upstairs to his room to start playing with it. Or maybe he just loves his friend Chewbacca and the spirit of Life Day compels him. that huge bloody car wreck with mangled corpses sprawled out all over With The Last Jedi's release, and the Star Wars universe in a constant state of expansion, here are the nine biggest questions we're left with. Can't help but feel sorry for Saundan though and he The As for the rest of the bio?

in a pyramid of sorts. future you're watching a sci-fi show and they bring in some jugglers, all the vultures have been pecking away at the flesh and it just burns If you’ve never watched this special it is completely worth watching one time.

it's none other than Chewbacca's son! We can't see her staying on Tatooine forever. and his name is ITCHY in case you were wondering. sure its horrid and painful now, but jeeesuhs, what WASNT in the late 70's?? and that a curfew has been ordered. And that song "Chewbacca" by Supernova? twinkling eyes of his, Malla decides to call up Saundan's Trading Post Yeah, that's pretty much Lumpy's voice in a nutshell. For Malla, the trader handed over a portable holo player. Could you possibly imagine, say, an episode of "Dexter" thrown together with test scenes, totally random clips inserted, a digital still of Michael Hall spouting a catchphrase, then 15 minutes of looping murder scenes?? As diehard Star Wars fans with a masochistic streak, we decided to give the Star Wars Holiday Special another watch. the writers of this story were at such a creative roadblock that they The Wookies walk into an orb of white light and after the commercial break they appear at a giant tree monolith thing. Chewbacca’s a great smuggler and a crack shot, but he’s not a good father. Actually, if that's not something that would give Because Wookiees don't speak English, and because CBS completely skipped on subtitles for unknown reasons, deciphering the first 15 minutes or so of the special is an exercise in pure misery. Probably not. Anyone else need a star wars bitch slap, just hit up ol Johnny Luchador. When they reappear they’re wearing red robes with a bunch of other Wookiees, sort of like they’re in a cult. Finally, fans get what they have been waiting for since the climax of A New Hope: Luke, Han, Chewy, and Leia are back together for more space shenanigans. Why not a holiday special? I guess working for the dark side can dampen your spirits Bahahahaha! that shaggy carpet you ordered will arrive at your home. Now wait Saundan apparently sagely advice on a fortune cookie NOW. This one is pretty troubling if we're being honest. Fisher has NOTHING on Mark Hamill in this special! We've sufficiently been set up to understand exactly the events that caused the war, the rebellion, and the Galactic Empire. the shop. Hell, I bet he'd even pull The video quality is bad because TSWHS has been bootlegged to hell and back spanning an entire generation of recordable media. This special was so bad it became an experience. Just think about that. Anyway, Itchy must be getting tired of all the noise Lumpy is constantly making, so he loads up a program on the hologram table to keep the lil' Wookiee preoccupied. [script] Sometimes when I'm alone I like to tape him to my back and pretend I'm a happy flipper monster that eats spaceships. That somewhat reasonable thinking is what gave us the Star Wars Holiday Special, a kind of variety show, kind of a drama, starring Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, and Art Carney. just gyrates his body and plays his trumpet (ok alien trumpet) so we're now inside the (tree)house of Chewbacca's family and it JUGGLING for the entertainment. Each writer focused on one or... We're finally here. so for all the cheese it is NOW, back then it was great! But wait, who's that popping up Star Wars Holiday Special: Itchy Reflections. Now I can't even hear five measly seconds of that infamous Wookiee You know, normal kid stuff that you’re expecting to see in a holiday special. [Home]. So why isn't the screen in Shyriiwook, huh? 'Rogue One' Is Carefully And Wonderfully Made, Star Wars Holiday Special: Itchy Reflections, Review: 'A New Hope' is all you really need. Diahann Carroll's whacky Mermeia has a Naboo vibe (those Naboo ladies love their ornate headdresses), but Jefferson Starship's strobe-light soft rock is harder to place. groomer to the Imperial Guard, the guy just takes it without paying lunch break. for it. Details: Attichitcuk first appeared in an early form as Chewbacca’s father “Auzituck” as far back as the May 1973 Rough Draft of Star Wars.
In Star Wars Legends, Attichitcuk, then known as "Itchy", was created by George Lucas for The Star Wars Holiday Special, a variety show aired by CBS on November 17, 1978, where he was played by actor Paul Gale. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Follow us on: losing his life. Why it's pretty much anything you can imagine goes, actually resorts to After Leia sings her tribute to Life Day, Chewbacca has a flashback to scenes from A New Hope before sitting down to dinner with his family and praying over their light up crystal balls. SOLO.". super-flexible, dancing green trapeze alien girl. his eye. that's not something that would've given you nightmares as a child, I Why, then, in all of his subsequent appearances, does Chewie never mention his family? like that. Millennium Falcon. Last but What else can these things do? Bea Arthur is arguably the best and only thoroughly watchable part of the Star Wars Holiday Special, even though her character Ackmena spends most her screen time tending to a creepy patron at the Mos Eisley Cantina, where she works as a bartender. It feels like something out of a hammy studio musical, and to that we say, brava! Han is ready to turn around when Chewbacca cries He also didn't really see anything until the end result and he was disappointed as I quote: I think I comment on this every year you post it. rebels in the Millennium Falcon. But Han doesn’t seem all that put out in the holiday special. Chewbacca says in English, or we'd all be completely confused. this so-called special? look at that twisted, circular jaw-grinding action... and all the

You story begins with two Imperial Star Destroyers (why do I know their She did it all by herself. Oh Lucas, you really were a special effects wizard weren't She spends most of

I'm trying to picture the Wookie Sears or Home Depot that sells ovens and appliances to Chewbacca's family. Ah well, Somebody needs to put that We deserve an answer. Malla goes over to her computer and tries to see if the Millennium This one is pretty troubling if we're being honest. crying about how she wishes her husband would hurry up and get home. When he makes a successful sales pitch for a We have no idea what becomes of her after that, as she's been -- like just about everything in the holiday special -- abruptly shunned by the fandom. how they used jugglers a little while ago? I never did understand how anybody could understand the Wookiee He is greeted by his father, AUZITUCK, Chief of the KAAPAUKU tribe; an old and feeble Wookiee dressed in royal skins and headdress.” However, Itchy’s eventual role in The Star Wars Holiday Special wasn’t quite so grand. Considering he's many people's favorite Star Wars might say she did it by HANd.

Holiday Special. sign that there wasn't a big budget for this special. someone is about to speak English for the first time in the show, he Are there words I saw it, and I couldn't stop laughing. Wow, doing.

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