Designer: Klaus TeuberArtist: Michaela Kienle, Franz VohwinkelPublisher: Catan Studio (Asmodee)Category: Exploration, TradingPlayers: 3-4Price: $89.99 As you'll recall each planet has a little production chit on it. Each poses a question or two to the player to answer, with an outcome determined by how you answer, and sometimes another shake of your mothership. Establishing Colonies or Outposts: If a player ends a colony ship on a colony space, he may be able to form a colony; if a player ends a trade ship on a trade intersection, he may be able to form a trade outpost. In the second phase of each turn, the active player (not all players) is then able to take up to two resources from the same random stack that is drawn from during setup. I also really like that the game gives players two bonus resource cards each turn early on, but that any runaway leader will feel pegged back when they drop down to one, then zero. I was a bit overwhelmed by the rules when I originally read them, but in actual gameplay they only seemed somewhat more complex than the original Settlers. Finally, the beginning of the game is speeded up by "aid from Earth": you draw a random resource card every turn than you have 9 or less victory points. The numbered production tokens outside the colonies begin face-down, meaning players won’t know how “good” a planetary system is until they reach it. You can also buy technological advances just like you can buy structures--a clever expansion of the core Catan mechincs. The costs of these three structures are as follows: Each player only has 3 transports, and this does form a real limit for building ships throughout the game. As with the rest of the Catan family, it was originally printed in Germany by Kosmos. Overall Starfarers does an excellent job of being true to the core concepts of Settlers of Catan while also being true to the science-fiction genre it's based upon. As noted above, The Starfarers of Catan is a game that uses and expands upon the core mechanics of The Settlers of Catan, Klaus Teuber's original and much supplemented foray into the Catan field. First, Starfarers includes an exploration aspect. If both production chits your colony ship ended next to simply show numbers, and you like it, you can form a colony immediately. The glue is weak, and so one of our ships flew apart when it was "rolled". Every number from two to twelve is represented at least once across the starting planets, and any player who has a colony or spaceport placed adjacent to a planet that produces resources will then be able to take those resources from the supply. After looking at the chit the player may move on if he so desires. You can engage in trade with Earth by offering 3 of one card (ie, "3 food") for 1 of another (ie, "1 ore"). Good Player Balance: Considerable work has been done to balance out player success. And, you'd be correct. The original Settlers of Catan (later shortened to Catan) remains the gateway game that introduced legions of new players to modern board gaming. Trade Goods are more valuable, and you can trade 2 of them for 1 of another card. Additionally, this new version provides some updated mechanisms which really enhance the game. Required fields are marked *. The undiscovered universe lies before us and the new variable game plan brings even more variety. Minor qualms included: Long Games: The games of Starfarers are longer than I really think a game of this strategic complexity allows. All in all the components are strong, and then you have the epic mothership in front of each player, ready to be shaken. I would get a hold of this while you can. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The red, blue, and yellow balls are used to determine how fast players’ ships can move each turn. Setup: Each player starts off with a mother ship and a fame ring on it. Cannons set in the top, fame rings slide down the ship's prow, freight rings latch onto the side, and boosters clip on the bottom. Finally, a jump to the stars has succeeded! The red, blue, and yellow balls are used to determine how fast players’ ships can move each turn. Catan: Starfarers is more complex than the original game from which it is inspired, but it’s also more balanced in the sense that it can probably appeal to both experienced gamers and newcomers alike. The board itself is made out of solid, textured cardboard which appears to be somewhat water resistant. With alien tokens and point tokens able to be lost it isn’t always a direct march to victory. Each player also has a giant, plastic rocket ship that represents the smaller ones on the board. Trades can also be made between players – with the active player usually asking the other players if anyone would like to supply them with a specific resource, for example one carbon. Thus I overall give it a Style rating of "4" out of "5". Only trades with the active player are allowed, though the active player can also trade in sets of cards at a 3 or 2:1 cost with the bank. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Click "OK" to agree or visit the Privacy Policy page to learn more. Equip yourself against the lurking danger of space pirates. Published by Catan Studio and KOSMOS, this space themed exploration and trading game was designed by Klaus Teuber, and features artwork from Michaela Kienle and Franz Vohwinkel. Fans of the series should have fun with Starfarers because it maintains the classic Catan essence, while building upon it. (When I first reviewed this game, I had a very negative reaction to the plastic, but that's since been tempered as more European games have come out featuring plastic pieces, including the newest German version of Settlers of Catan). They're each monotone, but nicely sculpted. Besides the original Settlers, there are currently two other Catan-mechanic games: The Settlers of Nurnberg and The Settlers of the Stone Age. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If you've trudged through all of that, you've probably arrived at the conclusion that Starfarers of Catan is a complex game.

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