9 days reporting in. Naturally, any information provided by you in this survey will be treated in confidence. Come on Nintendo please give us an activity log!! Located at the top left of the Switch home screen are one or more profile icons. Here's how to find out. But it still says 'First played 8 days ago' for Zelda for me. Getting hold of that information might not be immediately obvious.

I've played snipperclips more than that but it was mostly offline so my guess is that it shows any amount of time played while online after 10 days. @AC_Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

It shows that I've played snipperclips for a "few minutes." I've read somewhere that you can see the playtime for your games in your profile after a week.

Maybe it changes once you roll over to the next month after starting the game? My BotW playtime is stuck at 270. You are about to leave the Nintendo of Europe site. I'm pretty sure he was just talking out his back-end.

Still waiting for those hours here... EDIT: Hours showed up on day 10. A software title you have played for several hours now displays as being played for a shorter amount of time.

This is where the automatic logging of game time can come in hand.

You have been randomly chosen to take part in a brief survey.

If it's reliant on a setting somewhere, I haven't found it. And that’s before you consider how many hours you can put into a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, what with all the shrines to unlock, outfits to find and Korok seeds to uncover.

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Curious how much hours you logged on Mario and Zelda on your Switch?

Check your friends’ play times. But after around one week (not quite sure, might be 10 days) it … Receive news and offers from our other brands?

If you tap on the Friend List tab on the left and select anyone on your list, you’ll get a similar looking Activity Log of games they’ve been playing. Some of the reviewers already had their Switch at the end of February. I just checked and it says I have 55 hours of BotW and a few minutes of snipperclips.


Read our guide for more information about setting up the Parental Controls app. With all that in mind, you might be wondering how much time you have actually put into such games. I believe it's 10 days. And then you have a game like Super Mario Odyssey that can suck up huge amounts of time, let alone all the multiplayer and indie games that fill up Nintendo’s online store. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to look somewhere else to find it? Scroll through your Profile tab to see your hours played. Tkmajing 2 years ago #2.

Mine says 8 days as well. Scroll through your Profile tab to see your hours played. By taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and opinions, you will be helping us to improve our website. Please refresh the page and try again. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Yep same thing here.

Someone on my friends list had "Played for over 20 hours" yesterday?

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