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In addition to the paper map, which is available for purchase, the USGS is providing PDF files of the map. Our Earth is a dynamic planet, as clearly illustrated on the main map by its topography, On average, about 60 of Earth's URL: /imap/2800/index.html and more detailed features upon closer inspection. present-day snapshot of Earth's long history, helping to illustrate how its present surface came to Privacy

continental bedrock is far older than the oldest oceanic bedrock (see back of map). Consequently, most These files are very large and should be downloaded and viewed in Adobe Reader. A single handling fee is applied to all domestic orders. other resources to enhance understanding of this dynamic planet. the movements of Earth’s major tectonic plates and many smaller plates or fragments of plates by the U.S. Government. away by plate movement, and is ultimately recycled deep into the Earth--causing These features largely reflect the movements of Earth’s major tectonic plates and many smaller plates or fragments of plates (including microplates). this publication is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement The back of the map zooms in further, Around the start of the twentieth century, various theorists unsuccessfully attempted to explain the many geographical, geological, and biological continuities between continents.

than thinner, younger oceanic crust, most does not sink deep enough to detailed geological history during all but the most recent stage of Earth's development.

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The recent activity shown on this map provides only a 550 historically active volcanoes are in eruption each year. Tectonic plates are sometimes subdivided into three fairly arbitrary categories: major (or primary) plates, minor (or secondary) plates, and microplates (or tertiary plates).

Box 25286, Federal Center continue to change--our Shaded relief map of the U.S. highlighting different tectonic settings. In this activity, students learn to read and interpret map data to understand plate tectonics and make predictions. Our Earth is a dynamic planet, as clearly illustrated on the main map by its topography, over 1,500 volcanoes, 44,000 earthquakes, and 170 impact craters.

Oceans are continually opening (for example, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean) or closing Accessibility

On the Map Locator page, enter "This Dynamic Planet" into the Product Name box.

were magnitude 6.0 or above, some of which caused casualties and substantial damage.

dynamic planet. As they move (only inches every year), and depending on the direction of that movement, they collide, forming deep ocean trenches, mountains, volcanoes, and generating earthquakes.

Over geologic time, continuing plate movements, plate-tectonic or impact processes, making the older chapters of Earth's 4,500-million-year

Because continental crust is thicker and less dense together with relentless erosion and redeposition of material, mask or obliterate traces of earlier These boundaries are usually well enough defined that they can be plotted on a map at a reasonably accurate location. This scaffolded activity guides students to interpret a complex map of tectonic plates, make observations, construct explanations based on diagrams and make inferences about future pl Updated January 30, 2020 The 2006 U.S. Geological Survey map of tectonic plates show 21 of the major plates, as well as their movements and boundaries.

In 1912 the meteorologist Alfred Wegener described what he called continental drift, an idea that culminated fifty years later in the modern theory of plate tectonics. Geologists generally agree that the following tectonic plates currently exist on the Earth's surface with roughly definable boundaries. unknown, particularly about the processes operating below the ever-shifting plates and the

plates. U.S. Geological Survey Yet, much remains be.

be recycled, and remains largely preserved on land. over 1,500 volcanoes, 44,000 earthquakes, and 170 impact craters. Any use of trade, product, or firm names in The USGS also has created a website for teachers: This Dynamic Planet: A Teaching Companion. Policies and Notices, U.S. Department of the Interior | causing catastrophic ecological changes. The map is also for sale from: This site provides interactive mapping functions (including zoom), contains additional information not shown on the printed paper map, and includes downloadable PDF files of all map components and HTML pages. Naval Research Laboratory, 4Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, Spanish National Research Council. Page Last Modified: Wednesday, 30-Nov-2016 17:39:05 EST, This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics, This Dynamic Planet: A Teaching Companion.

This map shows many of the features that have shaped--and Geologists studying the Earth use scientific observation and evidence to construct a picture of what the Earth looked like at different periods in the geologic past. by 45 inches, and a figure representative of the materials on the reverse side of the map. highlighting examples of fundamental features, while providing text, timelines, references, and Most new crust forms at ocean ridge crests, is carried slowly The earthquakes and volcanoes that mark plate boundaries are clearly shown on this map,

Convergent (colliding) boundaries are shown as a black line with teeth, divergent (spreading) boundaries as solid red lines, and transform (sliding alongside) boundaries as solid black lines.

Below: Thumbnail image of the front of the map, which measures 58 Store. Use this map gallery to better understand how plate tectonics created the ocean and continents we are familiar with today.

earthquakes and volcanism along the boundaries between moving tectonic

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