Aniya, ang pinakamahalagang benepisyo ng nasabing device ay maaaring The use of algorithms (a logical sequence of mathematical steps) permits the prediction of any individual's progress between five and eight years ito their future.

So, with the Aryayek time traveling machine you don't actually go into the future, but you look at what will happen. ang time machine. In 2011, physicists from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York announced that they had developed a "time cloak" they claim can hide events for trillionths of a second.
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run Iran. May pa kay Razeghi, ang kanyang proyekto ay hindi aprubado o hinahangaan ng kanyang Razeghi is a prolific inventor and also the managing director of Iran's Center for Strategic Inventions, and has, believe it or not, another 179 inventions registered to his name. Copyright © 2006-2016. But that's fiction, you say. Isang Iranian Razaeghi says his “Aryayek Time Traveling Machine” has a 98% accuracy rate. According to The Examiner,  in 2009, a man named Steven Gibbs of Clearwater, Nebraska, claimed he had invented a "hyper-dimensional resonator," which he stated  could be used for "out-of-body time travel.". na nairehistro sa kanyang pangalan sa Center for Strategic Inventions Aryayek. Source: thearyayektimetravelingmachine 7 years ago; 58 notes; Aryayek. Ravenson Biason: Writer/Novelist/ Blogger/ Artist/ Composer/Cartoonist.

Wells's Time Machine: Source: fanpop.com. Makalipas ang ilang taon, inihayag ni Razeghi na nagawa na niya ang time machine na tinatawag na “The Aryayek Time Travelling Machine” , na nairehistro sa kanyang pangalan sa Center for Strategic Inventions run Iran. can predict details of the next 5-8 years of the life of its users. They are calculated via earthly algorithms and come in the form of a printout after readings are taken from a user's simple touch. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. 10 Cool Gadgets To Assist People With Arthritis & Hand Pain, See More Buy Guides, Product Reviews And Product Picks. ), There are no images available of the projected time machine prototype. Predictions for the future do not involve rubbing lamps to induce genies to grant three wishes or convincing Ali Baba to take you on a magic carpet ride. Ang naturang machine ayon kay Razeghi ay may 98 porsiyentong Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine.

It will not ",  Magic Carpet Ride: Source: ozstuff.blogspot.com. With the world keeping a watchful eye on Iran's nuclear program, this is not so comforting. Iran's Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Mohammed Mehdinejad Nouri, firmly denies that any device such as a time machine  has ever been registered with the Iranian government.

It will not take … “The reason that we Time will tell  in more ways than one as to the future of Razeghi's invention. ang pagpapahayag ng pagtaas at pagbaba ng ilang currencies sa mundo. You have entered an incorrect email address! Accusations lingered that results were faked.  In all fairness, many scientific breakthroughs that have challenged conventional thought, theories and practices down throughthe centuries have been met with extreme ridicule and opposition. H.G.

your username. He described his time machine as a "thing of brass, ebony, ivory and translucent, glimmering quartz." Inventions of All Inventions, Watson Evolving To Do Your Taxes This Year. Thie list is long; space travel, pacemakers, anesthesia, antibiotics, high-tech gadgetry and electronics, cyberware/computers, plasma television etc etc. ang machine ay pwedeng ikonekta sa PC case upang dalhin ang gumagamit nito sa It took a decade for him to develop the complex sequences to  arrive at predictions. Ali Razeghi is a 27-year-old Teheran-based scientist, who invented the Aryayek Time Traveling Machine, a PC-sized devoce dubbed a "crsytal ball contraption" by some sources, that works with 98% accuracy. accuracy. ANG “THE ARYAYEK TIME TRAVELLING MACHINE”, Ang Kamalasang Ihahatid ng Sandok at Kaldero, Online Horoscope ni Maestro Honorio Ong, Oktubre 27, 2020. ilang Russian scientists din ang nagpahayag na nakagawa sila ng First Quantum machine sa loob ng ilang taon ay nagsasayang lang ng milyones na dolyar, habang merkado ang time machine kapag maraming indibidwal ang naghahangad na magkaroon Pahayag ni Razeghi, malaon na niyang

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