Focusing on special settings like hospitals, whirlpools or in this case a Skyscraper, Sakdaphisit has an eye for spooky environments. Ib and Boum decide to commit suicide together in Bangkok in 1997.

Film is quite interesting dealing with the financial crisis in Thailand in 1997. Mungkin menjelang akhir film menunculkan kebosanan. Selain sama sekali tak pernah muncul, hantunya juga ngeselin, gak jelas maunya apa *ya namanya arwah, Mas.. Ceritanya hanya berfokus pada dua orang, Ibu dan Anak, sementara karakter-karakter lain hanya tempelan dan perannya tidak digarap secara maksimal. Also so many people suffered major problems including depression and family breakdowns. Also referring to the technology trend, by using smartphone cameras, is some kind of outdated already. Source data can be found via ryno731's original reddit post.

It relays too much on cheap thrills. 3 Min Read. Any tension built up is dissipated over what feels like at least three endings and isn’t helped by the largely unsympathetic central character. Ib and Boum decide to commit suicide together in Bangkok in 1997. Share This! Mobile site.

Certainly, Sophon Sakdaphisit knows how to use the jumpscare playbook.

Found this story more interesting as a drama than horror.

Reviews • Thai Reviews Film Review: The Promise (2017) by Sophon Sakdaphisit. Blocking and plot was well executed. Master's degree in Theatre, Film and Media Studies. Jang attempts to make amends for abandoning his college sweetheart by trying to give the orphaned Nayeon a home, to the anger of Yu Gyeong and the jealousy of his daughter, Se Jin. netflix should probably remove this from the horror category. Freedom, youth, betrayal, and bonding define the topics of “The Promise”. The quality of music, camera, and lights in these scenes are always on point and let you jump out of your seat. Ib goes through with it but Boum, unsurprisingly as she’s only just 15, gets scared and runs away. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Ib’s and Boum’s families are hit hard by the financial crisis. This move goes to some really bleak places. Boum and Ib make a pact to kill themselves after their fathers go bankrupt in a financial crash.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. First, the beginning of the story is set around the 1997 economical crisis and as a fellow 3rd world citizen I really empathize with that type of stories. However, he cheats on her for his own success and goes with Se Jin. This film was a geniune work of art because of its effortless horror.

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This movie is packed with action from start to finish, most importantly, not in the casual obnoxious Hollywood fashion, it's a ghost movie, but it still maintains the ellegancy of a high class drama.Most importantly, this movie easily holds the suspense throughout, when you think you are getting let in to fully understand what's happening, the plot changes in a way making you over think what's about to happen, making the movie feel somewhat distant, if i could describe it as that. i miss home very much, and thailand is currently going through one of the biggest political upsets it has seen in decades, one where we are fighting for our democracy and against extremely strict laws that prevent citizens from criticizing the government and the monarchy. © Letterboxd Limited.

I also feel like it dragged on a bit too long and got a bit repetitive after a while toward the end. A single mum trying to cope with her own guilts and raising a young teenager.

Lee Na Yeon is made an orphan when chaebol heiress, Park Yu Gyeong, causes the death of her mother, Lee Yu Nae, in a traffic accident. Apapun yang terjadi mulai sekarang, Ibu tidak boleh menyerah.".


Jump Up a few Times loves thai horror movie .

The predominant modern gets haunted by the forgotten old. Director Sophon Sakdaphisit is famously known for his horror movies. Now Showing VIEW ALL > Although, it went on too long and got a bit too melodramatic at the end for me. That being said, this movie has been a sad experience rather than a scary one. Another great Thai horror recommendation from Accented Cinema.

However, he cheats on her for his own success and goes with Se Jin. Namun gelagat hantu memasuki badan si anak dan mengancam secara terlihat. Dove Review “The Promise” is a gripping and dramatic film enhanced by powerful performances from the lead actors, particularly Oscar Isaac as Armenian Mikael Boghosian, Christian Bale as American journalist Chris Myers, and Charlotte Le Bon as Ana Khesarian, the woman both Mikael and Chris are in love with. Focussed on Japan. Jang attempts to make amends for abandoning his college sweetheart by trying to, give the orphaned Nayeon a home, to the anger of Yu Gyeong and the jealousy of his daughter, Se Jin. The Promise (2017) Movie Review | Thai Horror Film – YouTube Video.

Well worth the watch with a slightly unexpected ending. Awarded with Thailand National Film Association Award for Best Script and Best Director, his works have become a major influence to the genre around the world. (Just remember to get the complete and CORRECT subtitle). It has a very strong beginning, no censure, I'm ashamed to admit that I jumped, screamed, and almost had a heart attack SEVERAL TIMES. There was less special effects but great sound and music score that addens to the chilling and scary scenes. If you suffer from suicidal thoughts, I do not recommend you to watch this. Where are these ghosts when I need them!? After reneging on the promise, the vengeful ghost of Ib returns 20 years later to haunt Boum and her 15 year old daughter, Bell. Besides the effects, there is a drama told about a mother fighting for her daughter. Report abuse. (Source: Wikipedia) Edit Translation, Lee Na Yeon is made an orphan when chaebol heiress, Park Yu Gyeong, causes the death of her mother, Lee Yu Nae, in a traffic accident. Do you love all types of movies? please visit for more info and how you can help.

Sama seperti film ini, mengusung premis yang cukup usang dan sudah sering digunakan, kupikir bakal menawarkan sesuatu paling tidak jump scare atau plot yang baik.

... Ghost stories are very popular in Asian culture and are therefore prominently displayed in movies. Suicude is definitely an issue in Asian countries particularly the young people.

Perhaps searching can help. Chris Vandenberg 1,000 films 5,252 95 Edit. As in “The Promise”, as well as in a lot of other films, the plot combines the traditional roots of superstitious tales with the modern ambitions by which many Asian countries have been shaped. For his newest release, “The Promise”, he gets together with talented actresses Bee Namthip (playing Boum) and Apichaya Thongkham (as her daughter, Bell). Popcorn. and thought the whole thing was quite engaging up until the very end, which i did not care for every much. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Nevertheless, halfway through the film the effects do not work so good anymore. Top 1000 Horror Movies (aggregated from over 40 "best of horror" lists), Every Horror Film Made from 1895 - present, The Chronological History of the Cinematic Macabre, Support The Girls: 2+ female characters front and center, Well executed horror movie with a really good creep factor. Drama yang disajikan meninggalkan rasa simpatik namun sedikit mengecewakan.

Suasana horornya sudah terbangun lewat warna, dan musik latar. the only thing I hate about this is that I was sitting here expecting to be scared shitless, and instead I've been crying for the past 45 minutes. The scare factor was just that effective. Based in Vienna. I write to get rid of rose-colored spectacles and to introduce unknown facets of Asian cinema. Still don’t know what the ghost wanted from Boum. Another very good Asian ghost movie.

An amazing Thailand ghost flick! (Source: Wikipedia). Directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit. Seduced by the familiar promise of well-paying work abroad, Chakra runs away. good, cheesy music, really tacked on unnecessary last 20 minutes.

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