Rafter grunted to get my attention, then jerked his head to one side as if to suggest I make a move.

He was a rising star with no time to waste, no time to stop, no time to toss a few coins into the cups of panhandlers.

The fast track derailed; the ladder collapsed.

Please take this time to think about it for a moment, When that homeless man entered the building and held Michael and eight other attorneys hostage with a gun and dynamite, he discovered how unfair and selfish he had been with his money. Instead of shooting Colburn, he aimed at Nuzzo and repeated the three questions. "Boys' room.

Soup and crackers at a shelter.

Some of the cutthroats down there didn't care how it ended.

Then Michael dug a little deeper, and found a dirty secret, and the secret involved Drake & Sweeney. The money was good and getting better; a partnership was three years away. I would never understand why he did this.

How could an average street bum acquire dynamite? I was already scouring his itemized deductions for the truth.

Then the dead lawyer jokes would start.

I will then close the door and lock it. A lone police car sat empty with its lights on; the cops were already in the building. John Grisham is the author of thirty novels, one work of nonfiction, a collection of stories, and six novels for young readers. ", Rafter had had enough.

Editor's Picks: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Discover Book Picks from the CEO of Penguin Random House US. Under it, layers of foul clothing bunched around his midsection, so that he appeared stocky, almost fat. ", "Not directly," I said. he asked me. "How much did you give to the hungry, and the homeless?". –San Francisco ChronicleA Main Selection of the Literary Guild and the Doubleday Book Club, Sign up for news about books, authors, and more from Penguin Random House, Visit other sites in the Penguin Random House Network. Malamud's salary from the firm was fifty thousand dollars a month, and his annual bonus, the one we all dreamed about, was five hundred and ten thousand. Both of our wives were from Providence. It took some time, and I didn't know whether to hurry or be deliberate. He shook his head, then looked at the eight litigators. Buy, Jan 06, 1998 It was twenty feet long, solid walnut like most of the furniture at Drake & Sweeney, and with me on one end and Umstead grunting on the other, we managed to inch it over about six feet until Mister said stop. We were alone as we moved upward, and when I finally glanced over I saw the boots, black and dirty and much too large. I couldn't help but look at Barry Nuzzo, my one friend in the bunch.

We stopped at six, and I noticed for the first time that he had not pushed a button, had not selected a floor. They watched every move, with particular attention paid to the explosives. After standing for five hours, Rafter and company were relieved to be off their feet. They grabbed us and carried us through the reception a, "Compelling...if there's any justice, The Street Lawyer will be his biggest hit yet." He landed in the streets, an advocate for the homeless, a street lawyer.And a thief.

"How 'bout clinics? I found my 1040 and took my time flipping through the pages. If the nine of us had a vote, Rafter would be the first sacrificial lamb.

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