She wrote, "The Warriors is a real moviemaker's movie: it has in visual terms the kind of impact that 'Rock Around the Clock' did behind the titles of Blackboard Jungle. Goaded by Mercy, Sully insists that the Warriors must remove their gang clothing before he will let them pass. Gordon had made Hard Times (1975) and The Driver (1978) with Walter Hill; he sent the script to Hill with a copy of Sol Yurick's novel. Forty-thousand, counting affiliates, and twenty-thousand more, not organized, but ready to fight: 60,000 soldiers! They get into a fight with the roller-skating, overall-clad Punks and win, and Mercy proves that she can hold her own in combat. The critical consensus reads: "As violent as it is stylish, The Warriors is a thrilling piece of pulp filmmaking. And also, the movie itself is rambunctious — I would certainly say that. [8] Originally, at the Coney Island confrontation at the end of the film, actor David Patrick Kelly wanted to use two dead pigeons but Hill did not think that would work. So it came together within a matter of weeks. The Warriors is a FANDOM Movies Community. In the resulting chaos, Luther frames the Warriors' leader Cleon for the murder, and Cleon is beaten down by the Riffs. As Scopes announced the Warriors as the victors, he was thrown from the top of a scaffold by members of the Hi-Hats. Swan makes peace with the Orphans' leader, Sully, who agrees to let the Warriors pass through their territory unharmed. In the movie, the Electric Eliminators are seen walking in the station for the meeting. The Riffs arrive and apprehend the Rogues, taking a moment to acknowledge the Warriors' courage and skill. After the competition, and after Scopes gets wrecked, they are seen brawling with the Hi-Hats. Hill initially wanted a Puerto Rican actress for the role of Mercy, but Deborah Van Valkenburgh's agent convinced the film's casting directors to see her and she was eventually cast. The Moonrunners fight with the trainyard security as both groups look for the Warriors but they start to leave as the cops come to see what's going on. The film's soundtrack, featuring music by Barry De Vorzon, Joe Walsh, and others, was released on the A&M label in March 1979. Yeah! The Van Cortlandt RangersThe Baseball FuriesThe BoppersThe Hi-HatsThe HurricanesThe RoguesThe Satan's Mothers The Savage HunsThe WarriorsThe Turnbull AC'sThe Electric Eliminators. That... is a miracle.

Moonrunners in Coney in an unknown mission. Bullet is the Warlord of the Moonrunners. He was voiced by Holter Graham. On June 4, 1979, as part of the ongoing rivalry between the Moonrunners and the Van Cortlandt Rangers, the two gangs battled at the trainyard in Pelham. - Pinning opponent, "How do you like it huh!? "It was like someone cut my soul out and left a shell", Waites remembers. The Moonrunners are then seen again when they are exiting the gate to the trainyard but they see the Warriors tagging on the new shipment of trains they were about to hit up, so they try to stop them. At one point, Waites threatened to report the working conditions to the Screen Actors Guild, forcing Paramount to provide a second trailer for the eight Warriors to share.
Why this happens is unclear but it could be a reference to the Savage Huns' and the Eliminators' rivalry. Film rights to Sol Yurick's novel The Warriors were bought in 1969 by American International Pictures but no film resulted. - WATCH MY BACK "Come on, get em!" The Moonrunners were represented by their artist Luna 51 and two other members of the gang, although they were defeated as the contest was won by the Warriors and their artist Rembrandt. D&D Beyond [At the big conclave/street gang meeting, Cyrus, the boss of the street gang appears]. [9] In reaction, 200 theaters across the country added security personnel.

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