Julio's plan is to be close to Victoria's son and thus be able to do as much damage as possible. Before beginning the wedding, Magdalena confesses to Elsa that Victoria is to blame for her unhappiness, since it is she who fell in love with Elías and because of her, he was locked up in jail. Raúl knows that Victoria's diagnosis is serious and that her return to the track is very far away. That man is Ignacio Sanmillán. "Andrés le regresa su libertad a Victoria". Julio and Adriana help Magdalena so she can get out of jail.

Maritza sued Victoria and accused her of child abduction. "Victoria le niega otra oportunidad a Raúl". Without thinking, Victoria tries to hold her son, but Maritza stops her and runs away from there. To his mistress he gives the vitality he thought was lost, to his wife tiredness and failure.

Our first spanish telenovela is call “La Mujer en el espejo” which means the woman in the mirror. ( Log Out /  "Andrés y Raúl hacen una tregua para ayudar a Victoria". Unfortunately Raúl must break the news to Victoria and informs her that her mother Chencha has a terrible tumor on her head.
Writer, father of a boy, with an enormous desire to plat life a treat, Alejandro is a man that fights for his emotions and his work against hypocrisy, falsehood or prohibition. Cecilia visits Andrés to give him the good news that she has found her daughter. "Raúl y Victoria discuten por culpa de María Isabel". Cecilia arrives to defend her daughter and Victoria must deal with both.

– What exactly is a telenovela? Nothing of what has occurred in her 27 years of marriage was moved by her own dreams. Julio finds Victoria's weak point and approaches Maritza to become romantically involved with her. A detective story of pulse-quickening suspense, The She-Devil in the Mirror is also a sober reminder that justice and truth are more often than not illusive. Under the promise of staying together forever, Victoria and Raul unite their lives and give themselves to love. Our first spanish telenovela is call “La Mujer en el espejo” which means the woman in the mirror. Chencha encourages her to keep fighting and to achieve her dreams, since she will continue watching her and taking care of her from above. After hearing the testimony of Tania, the judge makes a decision and decides to grant Maritza Zavala definitive custody. Hot Latin Songs Chart.
This is a Columbian telenovela and was first aired in Columbia in 1997, but a remake was done in 2004. It's the Story of Maria Ines, a woman in her 50s, her husband, his mistress 20-years-younger, her three adult children and a man 20 years younger, who'll help her discover that there is love and life after turning 50. Julio tries to leave Magdalena and Adriana without protection. Victoria lovingly accepts Braulio and presents him to everyone, as one more member of her family. To make matters worse, her three children blame her for the break-up of the marriage of hers and their father, but Life will soon show them the truth. After a fight in court, the judge finally pronounces a judgment against Victoria. Victoria achieves her first triumph and receives the recognition of all for her great effort. Victoria does not want to make the same mistake of letting go of love and decides to return her heart to Andrés. Without knowing that he is her father, Victoria senses that Braulio is a good person, who could help her a lot to deal with the bad streak that has happened in the company. When remembering the threats of Julio, Andrés intends to find out the true reasons that caused the death of Gloria and swears that he will recover his things, thus avenging the surname Santibáñez. When investigating the clues, Arturo discovers that Leonardo's death was caused by multiple blows to the head and Victoria denies having done so. ( Log Out /  At that moment, she follows the beat of her heart and goes to Mexico City to pursue her dream, which is to become a professional athlete. They both agree not to fight anymore for their love, until she is fully recovered and can choose whom to love. Raúl closes the cycle with Victoria and prepares his new life with the woman who made him change and believe in true love. Meanwhile, Chencha does not stop telling stories to Cecilia so that soon she regains consciousness, unexpectedly she manages to open her eyes and wakes up from the coma. As expected, Andrés burns with jealousy and calls Victoria an opportunist. What Julio does not imagine is that Victoria has a plan, with which she intends to recover her son. Seeing her suffer, Father Esteban approaches her and listens to her heartbreaking story, without imagining it, Cecilia reveals the necessary information so that Father Esteban comes to the conclusion that she is Victoria's true mother. Victoria dedicates her entire soul to achieve her dream and finally arrives at the Olympics, where she obtains the highest merit for her country.

Raúl is the same with Elsa, his daughter, who is actually his niece, but he loves her as if he were her father, because his brother gave her to him at a young age. Without being able to believe it, Victoria has no words to express what she feels and runs out. Julio tries to make sure that Elena gets rid of that child she has in her womb, so that she does not intervene in his plans. Both Elena and Cristina attack Andres and make him feel guilty for the death of his mother. With great suffering, Maritza believes that everyone is against her, including Braulio, since he refuses to offer his help to recover Sebastian. Magdalena plays with Leonardo's feelings and she lies to him when she says that Victoria is in love with him. So now we know what a telenovela is, we can start. After the death of Cecilia, Victoria now lives the death of Chencha, she is disconsolate, because her two moms have left this world forever and there is nothing and no one who can take from her heart the great pain she feels, not even Raúl nor Andrés manages to give her the peace she so badly needs. Production officially began on May 2, 2017.

This is a Columbian telenovela and was first aired in Columbia in 1997, but a remake was done in 2004. This is "Mirada de Mujer".

Between the struggle, both fall into a deep ravine and the police fear that they have not survived.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Victoria has the need to threaten them, to make it clear that she will not allow them to abuse her and want to harm her.

Now that Andres is missing, Santiago has an obligation to help Elena, so she can recover her life and take care of her baby. The telenovela follows the story of Victoria a young runner who finds in athletics a way to make sense of her life and will fight to get a place in the Olympics. Victoria's best friend arrives in the city ready to become a dancer. The telenovela starred the main characters Juliana Soler/Maritza Ferrer (Paola Rey) and Marcus Mutti (Juan Alfonso Baptista). The show is produced by Argos Comunicación and Televisión Azteca.It stars Angélica Aragón, Ari Telch, and Fernando Luján as the titular's character.

"Victoria y Andrés vuelven a estar juntos". Based on the Colombian drama, entitled Señora Isabel written by Bernardo Romero Pereiro and Mónica Agudelo. Julio takes advantage of Maritza's ingenuity and kidnaps Alejandro and then asks Victoria for a large sum of money in exchange for her life. The police speak with Victoria to inform him that the car with which Rafael escaped had a spectacular accident and caught fire completely. After the attack she suffered, Victoria decides to look for Adriana and confronts her without fear of anything.

Victoria dreams of her mother Chencha and asks for advice so she can move forward now that she is gone.

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