The battles in Thronebreaker utilize gameplay mechanics from GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, custom tailored for storytelling purposes. Thronebreaker finally came to the Nintendo Switch this month, so you can enjoy some Gwent on the go. Once you complete the Mourner From Wetterton encounter, head north to find a tomb where you’ll find the Lyrian Horn card fragment. That's obvious. In addition, when choosing the right cards, you have to pay attention to the army limit. Cut through the fields and keep running until you arrive at a farm, where someone is willing to part with the card fragment for 75 Gold pieces. Whilst the game offers a short tutorial at the start, getting to grips with deck building and card synergy can be a little challenging. Use the Wagonburg to kill the first Boulder, then place Reynard down and use the Wagonburg again to kill the remaining Boulders, causing them to create a Lesser D’ao. If you look again at the Light Infantry card, you’ll see that it has a Deathwish perk, when upon being killed, it will inflict five damage points on an enemy. There isn’t much scope to load back and try again in Thronebreaker, so choose carefully when deciding on who to bring for the ride. This allows you to add all the playable cards (well, most of them anyway) to your game (regardless of story choices) at any time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There may also be specific instructions, such as not letting any cows die, defeat all foes or reduce all enemies to one health. All the cards in this deck can be easily obtained during regular gameplay. like strays, alchemist or field medic etc. This thread is archived. The Command tent, as the name suggests, is where you’ll decide what troops you want to use in battle. Be mindful of their intentions, however, as there is a general air of distrust and paranoia in the ranks. Last edited by Ecthelion; Jan 8, 2019 @ 4:52am #4. On your next turn, use the Regiment Drummer’s Order ability to summon the Rivian Pikeman and place it on the melee row as well. save. There’s a Royal tent, the Mess tent, the Command tent, the Training Grounds and the Workshop. These cards have varying base values, as well as abilities. Next, kill two Lesser D’ao with Arbalests, then once the D’ao appears, place Foragers to the left of Light Infantry cards to crush it and make your way to victory and the Morana Runestone card. The Workshop can be upgraded to increase Meve’s movement across the map, as well as being able to recruit support units, alchemy and magic units engineering units. You’ll often see the phrase “You’ve chosen one evil in favour of another”, emulating the morally ambiguous nature of The Witcher universe. Each interaction with a group of NPCs has consequences, immediate or not, with sometimes very positive or disastrous results for you and your army. Approach it to initiate the Hard As A Rock puzzle encounter. By now, there are four cards on the board and the Wagenburg will now have a damage value of three. Gwent: Homecoming is starkly different from The Witcher 3 version. That is, what cards you want in your deck. Anyone that ends up in the Mess tent is what we’ll dub a key player. Cheats usually do that :). Gwent: Homecoming is starkly different from The Witcher 3 version. 90% Upvoted. Aye ! Spam that leader ability Edit. After completing the encounter For Better Or Worse, head south, just out of town to find some fisherman who will part with the second Lyrian Horn card fragment for a few Gold. Absorptive Elemental (Thronebreaker card), Alba Armored Cavalry (Thronebreaker card), Barnabas Beckenbauer (Thronebreaker card), Bekker's Dark Mirror (Thronebreaker card), Black Infantry Arbalest (Thronebreaker card), Bloodthirsty Alghoul (Thronebreaker card), Daerlan Footsoldiers (Thronebreaker card), Gabor: Bottomless Pockets (Thronebreaker card), Gascon: Duke of Dogs (Thronebreaker card), Gascon: Light Footed (Thronebreaker card), Gluttonous Barbegazi (Thronebreaker card), Incendiary Elemental (Thronebreaker card), Keltullis: Fire Breath (Thronebreaker card), Keltullis: Regeneration (Thronebreaker card), Manticore Right Wing (Thronebreaker card), Mardroeme: Vengeance (Thronebreaker card), In eastern Lyria stands a golem in the middle of a field. It’s a little different in Thronebreaker and you’ll need more than high-value cards to win. Deck You would then play the War Wagon, which pulls two low-value Light Infantry cards from your deck and plays them. The second fragment can be found in Melitele's Temple, located just east of the Monastic Cemetary.

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