Trine Enchanted Edition Walkthrough. You can now use the bouncy plants to reach the checkpoint and continue. Jump on the platform in the center of the flying machine until the engine starts, so that you wont have to do this later, and then place the first propeller on one of the wings. You can now create a Low Gravity Field to the right and create a plank to reach the Level Experience x7 on the roof and another Level Experience in the balcony below. Grapple the tavern ceiling to exit through the window, where one of the goblins entered, for a Level Experience and immediately jump up to collect a Level Experience above the window. You can now pass under the pillars before they fall to collect the Level Experience x4 and Collectible Poem before pressing the yellow skull button to leave. Continue right, ignoring the upper platform, and jump into the water for Level Experience x2 before returning to the crabs.

Break the wooden crate on the ground for a Level Experience and then jump up on the right platform for another Level Experience. Above the next checkpoint is a Level Experience that you can strike down with Pontius, but be careful because if you proceed too far to the right you'll encounter a number of enemies that must be killed for Monster Experience x6. Defeat all the goblins for Monster Experience x11 and then head indoors and create a plank, balancing it between the icy floor and the rocky wall to the right. You can now create a box and plank to reach the Level Experience x5 in the corner with Stealth Movement before climbing up the leave to the checkpoint, getting another Level Experience on the way.

Zoya the Thief – Zoya has a bow that she can use to shoot enemies or items from a distance. Use Pontius' shield to block the acid as you pass under them and then defeat the enemies for Monster Experience x3. You can then use the last curved pipe to make the airflow go up, pushing the bridge up, and then grapple up to collect the Level Experience x5 above it and in the air. Head right a few more steps and create a box and plank to grow the sparkling plant and then grapple up, since the spider will kill anything that walks in front of it. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. In order to grab the next Level Experience in the sky you'll need to create a box on the bouncy mushroom and then use it to grab the experience itself. Try and gather two crabs together so you can drop a plank on them and then stack some boxes to reach the Level Experience x2 in the air. Destroy the wall to enter the room and then destroy the rocks above you to drop the Level Experience x2 before collecting the nearby Level Experience on a wooden platform. You can now grapple up to the wooden platform on the upper right for a Level Experience and then collect another Level Experience in the air above another bouncy mushroom. Return up the platforms and continue for a Level Experience and then create two boxes in the nearby pit to allow you to climb out once you drop down. Time your way through the traps or use Pontius' Charge to quickly pass through and then wait for the weather to turn dark and the gate to lower. Defeat the goblins on the other side for Monster Experience x7 and then grapple up the left platform for a Level Experience before heading right and grappling up the other platform for another Level Experience.

Head right and kill the goblin archer for a Monster Experience and then grapple up to the platform to the left and shoot the rocks blocking the water plant, which you can then shoot to grow the sparkling plant below. In order to grow the sparkling plant you'll need to grab the log on the right side of the area to block off the saw, allowing you to create a ramp with some planks between the plant and the ground. You can now use boxes and planks to collect the Level Experience x2 above the lift and the Level Experience x6 on the spire of the tower. You can now stack two boxes on the spikes to reach the experience and then block the acid with Pontius' shield to reach the checkpoint to the right. You can now use two boxes on the plank to reach the Level Experience x2 and then grapple the wooden platform on the right and create two more boxes to reach the Level Experience x5. Create a stack of three boxes next to the wooden box to reach the upper level for Level Experience x2 and then walk to the edge with Zoya's Frozen Arrows to shoot the large spider down for Monster Experience x2. There is a swinging spike above you, but instead of heading under it you'll want to grab it and stop it before you grapple to the box shoved into the spike and hop up to the platform, landing to the right of the spikes. You can now push the pillar to the right down into the gap and destroy the crates with an Explosive Arrow, allowing the Level Experience x3 to drop to the bottom where you can collect them. This will allow you to grapple and swing up to the red gate and then glide left to collect the Level Experience x4 in the air before dropping back to the cart below.

Create a Low Gravity Field in the cave to the left and then shoot an Explosive Arrow at the wooden beams to release the large experience bottle. Head back indoors to a wooden platform for a Level Experience and then jump to the new platform that raises as the other lowers, use a box to keep the platform down and for height to jump to the raised one if needed. You can now swing off to the right and carefully exit the level. You can now move the upper portal all the way to the right and then use the curved pipe to make the lava flow through one portal and melt the ice. Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here: Once the storyteller finishes his opening dialogue you can run around freely, so head out the door to the right and continue until you reach two mushrooms.
Stack two boxes on the left side of the area and create a Low Gravity Field, allowing you to collect the Level Experience x2 above, and then head right and use Pontius' Kitesail to collect the Level Experience x4 and pass over the fan.

A giant scorpion blocks your path and no amount of attacking will breach the hard skin, so you'll need to outsmart it by approaching the scorpion until you are just in front of its claws and then running away. While dead a character is not accessible and will remain dead until you reach a checkpoint to revive them. Feel free to check out my other work! You can now destroy the wall to the left of the checkpoint for a Level Experience and then backtrack to the right to destroy another wall for another Level Experience. Except for the first level you can change between characters as often as you like. Destroy the second plank while standing on the floating platform and then create a Low Gravity Field and box against the same wall you just shot. You can now slide down the slope to the right to encounter some goblins for Monster Experience x7. This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Drop into the water again and swim down to get the Level Experience x3, avoiding the eels, and then surface and climb out of the pit, getting another Level Experience. Take the mushrooms up and pass under the acid and then jump right, across a collapsible platform, to another thing of acid.

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