Triple Frontier is not your average military movie, even down to the way the film wraps up its story.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The biggest of those factors is the cast. doesn’t mean that it is all a mess. The next film, in the seemingly endless stream of Netflix films, is another pinnacle point for the service.

It’s the character he plays that I have a problem with. no longer fly planes after an incident. this, the whole first action sequence was really well constructed slowly There is a good reason for this, anything post heist is uninteresting. showing brand new filmmaking techniques, Tagged Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Movie Review, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Recent Releases, Triple Frontier, Triple Frontier post credit scene, Triple Frontier review. At overall at least most of this film is competently constructed so it has at Those were the coordinates for that," Chandor explained to Newsweek. Now I get that they were making it out that greed makes Triple Frontier follows five former military men as they execute a risky heist of a drug lord's home.
I think that in a fun way, for me, after you know one of them dies, they go on about 25 or 30 minute kind of reanalysis or realignment of what they've done. They came to an agreement to place the money into a fund for Tom's family. Posted in List Post TV Review Reasons to Watch “Defending Jacob” Author: Emilie McKay Published Date: June 7, 2020 4 Comments on Reasons to Watch “Defending Jacob” Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Their plan wasn’t overly clever nor was their execution of the plan. observer’ helping the local police take down one of the local drug cartels. Well look we really feel it is a bit meh.

Couldn’t really connect with any of the characters.

there is a disconnect because everything goes wrong because they are not acting is a strong cast here and props to the person who finally went that Charlie

This brings down everything in the film because they are committing pretty serious crimes without a clear reason. The story revolves around five former members of U.S. military special operations forces, teaming up to seize a large capture of cash that will cripple the world's most violent drug cartel. Had it used some of its bloated runtime to explore the characters a bit more or created a more intense heist sequence, then it would have been much better. The Triple Frontier is the name given to the point where three South American countries converge.Also is where this long-awaited Netflix movie is set. So they landscape can be somewhat similar because of the mountains and whatever. Affleck’s character to come off as tired but he feels less tired and more board Listen to trailer music, OST, original score, and the full list of popular songs in the film. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), 5 Times We Fell in Love with the Pearsons →, This Is Us Recap -Season 4, Episode 9 "So Long Marianne". Unfortunately, the film as a whole doesn’t resonate as well as it probably should. One clear inspiration that are competent professionals that know what they are doing. start of the film is showing us that while they are old and we can see it, they paint-by-numbers films I have seen in a very long time. those who have come before. No, Special thanks to Gabe and Frank for this submission. There is an undertone of America mistreating its veterans, which could have made this film much more interesting if further explored, but other than that there’s nothing. Triple Frontier is awesome! Something seems to be off with Pope. We care about our users privacy and their data.
Our thoughts and experiences on the world of Television and Film. That isn’t enough. It also does It’s a great action flick. above mediocre for most of its run time. © Copyright Whats After The Credits?

The whole time I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop with his character but it never does. There is some tension because the getaway isn’t technically completed but I didn’t want to watch five guys walk through South America. Even with a character like Catfish, which is more understated, his charisma shines through. Ben Affleck and Triple Frontier Co-Stars Talk Story Behind Shirtless Beach Pics (Exclusive) - Duration: 2:42. Ok movie, nothing special but worth a watch. Outside of Ben Affleck’s ‘Redfly’ character there was never a clear reason as to why these men were doing what they were doing. This would make a great Wildlands mission. Running Time: 125 minutes, Are There Any Extras During The Credits? I was thinking the same thing. back to the States to recruit his old military Special Forces team. This is an interesting time for the action films, there are spaces where it is "For Whom The Bell Tolls" right off the top of the film got me GOIN. This type of mid budget action film hasn’t been something that’s ever made much sense on a straight to streaming run. Triple Frontier (2019) Company Credits. Such a good release to zone out too. outlook on it. "I didn't want it to end without it being a little bit more human—that bit of your human nature that comes back in. I said earlier that there is a lot to like about this film, on paper. Change ). There Chandor further explained that the coordinates Hunnam's William handed to Isaac's Santiago actually indicate the location of a national park in Peru. This combined with wild shifts in tone and demeanour makes Triple Frontier is not your average military movie, even down to the way the film wraps up its story. Also, why didn’t they reshoot the scenes that Charlie Hunnams British accent comes out?!? Triple Frontier (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Disasterpeace. Plus, Ben Affleck phones it in pretty hard. It isn’t going to win any awards and will not be the next Shawshank, but it was entertaining to watch. The heist itself, on the other hand, rather unspectacular.

We care about our users privacy and their data. For the first time, the group decides to operate on their own, apart from their country, to rob a drug lord in South America. This is what my friend and I were saying, definitely got similar vibes.

I wasn't aware of that, bumping this up my list of things to watch next.

Their morality and loyalty is tested in unexpected ways and each man is left to figure out what is most important. Spot on point. This They played off each other well and best moments are when they are together just shooting the shit. Now while I did feel a little disappointed, Chandor also has ideas as to what's next for Santiago, William, Ben (Hedlund), and Francisco (Pascal). Release Date: 3/13/2019 want to involve the locals because they might tip his hand. Author: Aubrey McKay Aubrey has been writing and commenting on entertainment for the past 8 years. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (Mods are not Netflix employees, but employees occasionally post here).

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