10. If you turn the valve on the right, it will attempt to close a sewer door across the gap, but there are wood barrels blocking the door from closing. The Asylum stays open, the skals in the sewers are just fine. The earlier road is blocked - you have to go out following the arrows painted on walls. Sean Hampton is a Skal - a rabid vampire - and if you leave him in this state with his position of control in the district with people who rely on him, it will have disastrous consequences. I always try to answer questions about my guides if I can. He stops eating corpses altogether. Downside

He's able to create shockwaves and spiritual emanations of himself. There is a very difficult fight looming on the horizon, and this will be your last good chance to sleep and spend your XP in preparation for the battle.

Sean becomes a Level 27 Blinker Skal. The tunnel is the roundabout way, but it eventually winds around and comes out at the same place. Harriet Jones can be found in a room straight ahead from Old Bridget on the right side in the far corner of this expansive sewer habitat. Sean was accustomed to the peaceful sewer skals that would never dream of harming him, he had come to see them as family. In point of fact, the "flock" he kept rambling on about consisted largely of an underground shelter full of skals that he was protecting every bit as much as the humans in his above ground warehouse. If Fergal jumps off screen, retreat to the edges of the arena to avoid being hit by his area attack when he returns. You can charm him (if you've obtained hints about him), let him go, or kill him by drinking his blood. Rodney will be convinced to return to the Docks regardless of what choice you select.

He knew what they were, how to recognize them, and the dangers of being bitten by one. At this point you're walking on a raised wooden pier, with another street lower down to the east.

Top Contributors: TLF-Staphf, Chillzzy, Zenayru + more. Go to Doctor Swansea's office and inform him you've finished the blood tests. As always, your responses here don't matter. Yes, as soon as you get the blood sample you should be able to analyze it at any workbench. You have some fun and interesting fights finding out what happened to the afflicted characters and killing them. 14. Take the cave on the left. Fergal can do a scream attack that deals small damage in the area around him. If you did not get his hints before you spoke to him at his Night Asylum Shelter, you cannot go back to get them.

Thanks allot for your response, didn't think I would get one. You'll also earn his key to a cabinet full of treasure in the basement - mostly money, valuables, and various blood samples. I've added additional warnings at the end of the previous chapter and at the beginning of this chapter, warning that you must get Sean Hampton's hints before you start this chapter. The light will turn from red to green to indicate the door is now unlocked. You always want to find as many as possible, but missing any individual item is unimportant.

There are two caves. Sean Hampton is a clergyman who runs a hostel for the residents of the Docks. As you reach the end of the buildings on the west side of the street, you'll run into the goons who stole Giselle Paxton's money - assuming you spoke to Gisselle about her Spoils of War mission.

As always, there are plenty of crafting materials scattered all over the area. Sean Hampton dies, but at least the other residents of the district are safe from his affliction. He's incredibly strong. It will still give you blood, but it will make the fight longer.-After the fight, head forward until you meet Old Bridget, the leader of the Skals. Continue for through to the other side of the tunnel. Regardless of what choice you make you'll earn a trophy. After you defeat Fergal, the exit from the arena is in the northeast corner. Downside Return to the main floor and make your way to the east side of the complex, and look for a white arrow painted on a wall. The path will lead you along a series of raised metal walkways that go along the tunnel, over the water. Fergal is fast and strong, and your melee attacks generally will not interrupt his attacks. Speak to Rodney again when you know his 4th hint. Follow the small tunnel until it opens up into a larger room, then turn right and head north across a walkway against the wall. Patience is going to be vital - short and quick attacks deal smaller damage, but longer combos expose you to his great power. When you reach the top of the tunnel, wait for the female skal to finish her conversation with the injured survivor and then approach her for a conversation.

There you will meet Harriet Jones, a woman from the hospital, who was transformed into a weird variety of a vampire. Last Edited: 21 Jun 2018 6:14 pm. I don't remember saying that and I can't seem to find anything that says that the section is timed. Decisions have their consequences - more about that in the chapter dedicated to the specific character. Blood Barrier and Coagulate can also be useful skills in this fight, the former allowing you to go toe to toe against Fergal for a few seconds without worrying about damage, and the latter holding him in place long enough to score a free attack every now and again. Vampyr Give a dog a bad name. This is a powerful 2-handed weapon similar to the cudgel, but with an alternate slow and powerful smash attack instead of the quick parry attack of the cudgel. It's important to stay aggressive when fighting a Chaplain. Next Chapter 3: Family History The Eye was in the Tomb Prev Chapter 2: White Coat Blackmail in Whitechapel. Cross the walkway past the 2 valves, and take the stairs down on the far side of the room, then follow the walkways around to the now open door. Turn them, so that the water stops flowing. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games.

Turn the valve to unlock a gate nearby. By this time you should have an ultimate attack, and you'll want to use that immediately when the fight begins, and again as soon as it becomes available if the fight lasts long enough for a second use.

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