This method, however, does pose serious threats, if sci-fi has taught us anything we need to be extremely cautious when using self-replicating machines with AI. , Erwin Z A chief benefit of space exploration is that it helps to teach people more about earth and the best methods of preserving it because of improved imaging and software first developed to assist space explorers.

NASA plans to move an asteroid and place it in orbit around the moon during the 2020s. Imagine life without some of our favourite things?! It takes Proxima-B just over 11 days to complete a full orbit, as it is close to its star, despite this it is within the Goldilocks zone, this is because the star is a red dwarf giant, so is much cooler than our star. [21], The first weather satellite named TIROS I (Television and Infrared Observation Satellite) was launched on April 1, 1960. Canada is a leader in space robotics, which creates employment for Canadians. In 1993, the United States and Russia agreed to merge their separate space station plans into a single facility integrating their respective modules and incorporating contributions from the European Space Agency and Japan. It also inspires students to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers.

The dangers in space for astronauts we currently know about are: Cosmic radiation is made up primarily of high-energy protons as well as atomic nuclei.

Benefits of space exploration The story of exploration Many areas of science and technology have made advances due to technological breakthroughs resulting from the manned exploration of space. Uniting the Nations. It is worth mentioning that having refined materials available in space would make it so that building in space would become more economical, possibly providing us with the ability to assemble megastructures in space.

Mars One: The psychology of isolation. Here are just a few inventions that would not exist without the Space Program and have truly become space technology used in everyday life; If humankind was to focus research on space exploration once again and race with other nations to secure new resources and territories, there is no doubt that this would give birth to loads of new technologies just as the space race did during the cold war. The Hubble has been used to discover galaxies and planets across the universe. March 20, 2016

We may need to move to another planet some day! It is said to generate more revenue than expenditure. It was pointed at a speck of black space for ten consecutive days and the resultant image, the Hubble Deep Field, revealed at least 1,500 galaxies in that small location in the sky. This presents us with huge challenges such as communication and how much time it will take people to reach the planet. There is an asteroid relatively close to Earth that has more platinum than has ever been mined on Earth.

The Hubble Space Telescope has cost about $12 billion in the last 30 years including the cost of five shuttle servicing missions, the information received by the astronomers monitoring the Hubble provides a better understanding that would not be possible on from earth telescopes. Such space expeditions can also help in attracting resources … 60 Years of Indo-German Development Cooperation – 2018 | Issue 2, G20: Shaping an Interconnected World – 2017 | Issue 2, Global Learning: Open Minds, Wide Horizons. [27] Discoveries concerning the human body and space, particularly the effects on the development of bones, may provide further understanding of biomineralization and the process of gene transcription. Being able to move asteroids would make it easy for humankind to mine pretty much all of the desired materials off of any selected asteroid and transport them back to Earth with relative ease. [5] Further missions since 1972, like the Viking project, Mars observer, Mars pathfinder, Mars climate orbiter, Deep Space 2, Mars Global surveyor, and Phoenix, have obtained understandings of the climate, flood plains, and rock samples on Mars. Subjects. However, this method would not be the most profitable. Improving our understanding of the human body, Getting young people interested in science, Cooperating with countries around the world. NASA have valued the entirety of the asteroid belt at an estimated £500 quintillion. Space exploration provides an opportunity for discovering the mysterious facts concerning space.

[23] The use of satellites has since come a long way. We can monitor weather systems to help predict the weather and we can monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and water content as well as gravitational field strength and the Earth's magnetic field.

Apart from developing new technologies and products, space exploration creates jobs. We humans are driven by an insatiable curiosity. [15] Collectively, 18 nations took some part in the development and construction of space station and the five notable agencies that encompassed these 18 nations were NASA, Roscosmos, the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space agency and the National Space Development Agency of Japan. To commemorate its voyage through deep space for millions of years, it was named Oumuamua, a Hawaiian word that roughly translates to the first scout or messenger from afar. It is possible that we could also learn from less evolved life forms, much as we learn from life here on Earth, there are processes in nature that have provided us with many foundations of the technologies we have today.

One thing is clear: It is the first interstellar object we’ve spotted in our solar system. All of these are in short supply on Earth and could be incredibly useful and are currently underutilised due to their cost.

The current fatality rate for going into space is around 2%, of course, this is a high risk especially with the value of human life. Have you ever wondered what we get from it? Asteroid mining can give humankind an almost limitless supply of materials, some of which are scarce on Earth. Now, far more sophisticated communications satellites can be used to communicate in remote areas with the use of satellite phones, to provide internet service on airline flights, and provide internet to areas that are unable to get internet in any other way. Yes, there are risks of space exploration maybe I am just a biased author because I love the prospect of humankind ascending from our home planet to spread across the stars. The Mariner 4 space satellite in 1965 was the first successful satellite to capture up-close images of the planet Mars. It will aid space agencies in engaging relevant stakeholder communities in discussions on how the flow of benefits to society can be further improved. Currently, we are witnessing a new kind of space race, this time between private companies who are vying to send tourists up there!

Even though these two religions are different, they both come together in their optimism about space. There are other more common materials available within asteroids such as; iron, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, aluminium, titanium, water, oxygen, hydrogen and ammonia. 1. This allows meteorologists to monitor the development of weather in areas that are not covered by traditional means like Doppler radar, such as over the ocean, which, in turn, allows them to give advanced warnings for severe weather such as hurricanes thus saving lives. The exploration of space could possibly assist us to locate another habitable planet that can be used if our planet becomes inhabitable. Space exploration will continue to foster international inspiration and collaboration, and pose revolutionary philosophical, political, and scientific questions and debates.[9]. Benefits Of everything that matters, January 27, 2011 When you compile the benefits of space exploration and try to find disadvantages of space exploration to create a counter argument it is extremely difficult. One of the downsides is that it does lie just outside the Goldilocks zone, (Habitable zone within a solar system where water exists in liquid form) but does have water available in the form of ice.

Britain to Australia in a few minutes? Satellites we have put in space send us information on the weather, security threats, forest fires, Earth’s resources and climate change. Technological advancements in telescope technology and space travel are bound to unlock previously inaccessible and unknown areas of the universe. The money spent on sending humans or robots into space is spent right here on Earth, benefitting the economy. Who knows if there's one thing humanity proves time and time again, almost anything is possible when we put our greatest minds towards it. This method is similar to the previously mentioned method though the materials will be refined on the asteroid. This change is important to humankind and even those of us left on Earth will reap the benefits. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin are the big guns in this race.

As thinking beings, we want answers, especially to one predominant question: Are we alone? Examples of the impact of space exploration and its benefits for Canadians and all of humanity. TIROS I only operated for 78 days, however during that time it was able to prove that using a satellite to observe weather conditions on Earth was not only possible, but that it could greatly increase the amount of data available to meteorologists with the result was that more accurate weather forecasts were possible.

[5], The Hubble Space Telescope has contributed more than 2 million observations of the universe that have been influential in understanding the magnitude of the universe since its introduction into orbit.

It was launched on August 12, 1960, and stayed roughly 1000 miles (1,600 km) above the Earth until May 24, 1968. Yes, there are risks of space exploration maybe I am just a biased author because I love the prospect of humankind ascending from our home planet to spread across the stars.

Even when it is dark in the part of the world that they are observing they can see through the use of infrared technology. The Cold War brought with it the space race. But the benefits involved such as spreading life across the universe, in case of disaster, the economic benefits, the technological benefits and of course the sheer vanity of it. Benefits Of , Erwin Z, Comment Closed, March 10, 2016 But what I can say for sure is that it will be mind-blowing, maybe day trips to Mars? Real-time mapping coupled with a human crew allows for space to ground collaboration. These partnerships benefit all nations, even those outside the industrialized world. There is a significant quantity of microorganisms that can survive in space, in fact, there is a fungus that grows on the ISS just as well as it grows here on Earth. The number of weather satellites has increased significantly, and the satellites themselves are now more sophisticated.

Moving asteroids would give us even more freedom regarding building in space or on other planets, allowing us to transport masses of raw material to where it is required. All Rights Reserved. Technology that arises as a result of space exploration could facilitate further technological advances for things that are a danger to humanity.

Learn more about the satellites that orbit the Earth and the important role they play in our daily lives.

With satellites we can communicate with anyone at almost any point on Earth. Long distance and overseas calls would be impossible without satellites!

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