Finally an informative post! Found This Interesting? Also, Yakult contains a fairly high amount of sugar - 11.4 grams. Sugar acts as slow poison for lot of growing kids and Yakult’s sugar content is extremely high. He is also one of the founder of Here's what happens when you drink too much of them — and how many you should really be drinking. Eat unprocessed food from safe containers or pop a probiotic capsule made from natural products. Sugar: Fair enough, for your product to sell it needs to taste great. I love Superkraut, kombucha, kimchi & kefir. I drink this every day actually my doctor recommends drinking this because I have a yeast infection and they require me to drink this to avoid any itching but I’ve never heard about this. Learn more about Alex's Credentials HERE. Rapid heat treatments like pasteurization, and especially ultra-pasteurization, actually flatten the molecules so the enzymes cannot do their work.

By Probiotics Expert: Dr. Raga. In most cases, all that you will suffer is gastric discomfort. That is nearly three teaspoons of sugar! Constipation occurs when your colon absorb too much amount of water from the food inside your colon resulting to slow peristaltic movement. After her recommendation, the first thing I did was to add Yakult to my Supermarket shopping list without knowing Yakult side effects. Note—to download a FREE one-page guide on 'The Best Natural Probiotics' CLICK HERE. Unfortunately, though, Yakult is not as healthy as it perhaps could be. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. This website may contain affiliate links. They say this like it's a good thing?! Plastics have been shown to leech into food products and disrupt our endocrine system, impact our hormonal and reproductive systems and have even been linked to cancer and neurological damage.

Yakult Australia have informed me that the formula of their Yakult LIGHT has been updated. It contains 11.4g of sugar per 65mL serving (this is 17.5g per 100mL) which is almost equivalent to 3 tablespoons per Yakult. What is your reaction to this response by Yakult? You can change your ad preferences anytime. Natural Remedies: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think. Why? The main benefit from Yakult is from the probiotics it contains thus securing that it can reach our stomach alive can really do a lot for the body. Infoadvise is a community of article writers, story tellers, videographers and photographers who humbly want to share their stories of food experiences, Health information, adventures and discoveries. All of those Lactobacillus casei shirota strain were just playing inside your tummy. A nurse by profession but a web developer and a writer by passion, His goal is to consistently produce inspiring and relevant contents, to live everyday with passion and excellence. I should point out that some of the sugar is used in the fermentation process to grow the bacteria used in Yakult's probiotic drinks. sucrose), dextrose, polydextrose, maltitol and stevia. Homogenisation is a necessary requirement for Yakult; otherwise the product would be thick and lumpy (a consistency similar to cottage cheese) and generally not palatable for consumers. Amazing pet accessories – Dog accessories in India, Planned Parenthood -7 basic benefits and popular myths, Best out of waste easy ideas – Waste material craft (Part 3), Amazon Prime Day 2020 India – Don’t miss these deals, Working mom planner – the ultimate busy mom planner. All rights reserved. Yakult Light replaces sugar in it's ingredients list with other sweeteners such as stevia, maltitol and ploydextrose. 1. I must be very careful and read labels next time! Positive parenting – How to overcome irritation when your child is making you upset? Many people down their morning shot of 'good bacteria' after hearing about the benefits of extra probiotics in the diet. After some back and forth communication—including me pressing them for explanations on their ingredient and manufacturing decisions—Yakult Australia decided to send me (and my readers, like you) an official statement in response to the questions I sent them and the statements made within this article.
Two other problems with Yakult come from it undergoing ultra heat treatment and the fact that it is packaged in plastic bottles. making Yakult probiotic drinks, the next step is “a smoothing process” known

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