You’ll find that most navigation on the website is now broken into “Universes” and “Clusters”. Is it possible to for 2 different accounts to upload skill dumps? I'm making a lot of progress on some major changes to Niarja that will help me do cool things and launch new features on a regular basis. You take a skill dump. This is fixed. WPlanner (By Budda) (Forum thread can be found here) - Updated, versatile and user-friendly mapper program for deeds, villages and mines.. Mapper (By Discon) . @SeraphCheck the date format of the dump. Makes it handy for pointing people to the info.

Click the "Rifts" link above to be redirected to the Wurm Online Rifts page. I'll get this fixed. Take a look at what it does right now. I can take a look when I get home but Sn00 is likely right. Knarr, Chaos. You have either already uploaded a skill dump this day or you have a non english date in the dump. I still have the raw data for these characters and will be completely removing it from Niarja a week from now.

Niarja made the assumption that character names would always be unique – something that soon became untrue. Some people with close to 100 skill (but not quite there yet) are seeing a problem with that. You can even search for specific players.

Which means I'm still the #1 Digger in Wurm! Chaos is now displayed as part of the Freedom cluster. 2 possible reasons for this. Search characters and search skills now autocomplete names. Character Erana on WU server Riviera, Epic.
I kind of like having the hours, does that make it too busy for you?

I can put some code in place to handle that.
During that time the other person added my character to Niarja.

As part of the update, all players are shown in the overall rankings instead of just “top x”. Opera still possible. A standalone app involves more work and support, "Skill Points" is also a pretty early concept. Thanks. People have developed skill highlighting applications just to make some sense out of them. A bunch of private skill dumps have already been uploaded. Server: Xanadu. I've been trying to upload a newer skill dump, but nothing happens. Chronologically of when people hit 100 farming and when they uploaded their dumps (it's the same order) it hsould be Trevize,  Hailene (me), Inspiria and then Ehizellbob. -Wurm Unlimited support has been added to Niarja Skill Compare.

now everyone know noiz's body strength you monster.

Was having issues uploading a skill dump earlier as after submitting the file it would sit there unable to say if it succeeded or failed. Instead of showing the Top 10 players, Niarja now shows ALL ranked players.

I have some concrete plans and cool things I want to do with Niarja, but first I have some bugs and technical debt I need to deal with. I don't want to share my data with everyone! Hi there. Please let me know if that's important to you. What OS/Browser are you using that is redirect you to When your character is private, then there is no way to see total skill points(at least i didn't find it).

Also fixed a bug with player search, fix will go live in a moment. Changes are still weeks out but I wanted to let you know that I'm aware of and focused on fixing problems like missing alerts, strange rankings, Unlimited characters being included in some rankings, poor public/private character experience, incorrect Kingdoms, and a bunch of unfortunate problems the site has because I was a terrible web developer when I wrote it. Is there a way to get a 24h time and not this AM/PM thing? Niarja Skill Compare solves all of that. You don't have to! Edit: The update is beginning a little early. Browser tricked me as well, was adding the www when I tried without as I had a bookmark with that, and I didn't notice... Yep, browsers are the worst. It's not the most beautiful thing but I don't know how long-term the "Skill Points" concept will be. Skill Ranks now update immediately instead of updating in 15 minute increments. I am working on cleaning up duplicate and fake skill information for players ranked 11 and below. And that's pretty great...but I'm also the only person currently on Niarja Skill Compare, so I doubt that'll last. On 4/3/2020 at 1:48 AM, Oblivionnreaver said: Niarja - Wurm Online Live Server Data & Skill Compare, Player: Chromega I'll fix that as soon as I know more, but for now I wouldn't be certain that the next Independence Rift on Niarja is actually going to happen at that time. I just wanted to bring it to your attention if you weren't aware, that's all.

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