Unfortunately, Solo sacrificed himself on Exegol to bring Rey back to life, inadvertently robbing Abeloth of a potential son. And nice. Just to be safe though, you should copy your entire post just in case. @silver2467@jedixman@wollfmyth@dccomicsrule2011@shootingnova Thoughts on this.

I actually enjoyed Daredevil so.... Yeah. I already gave it to you but I'll give it to you again since apparently reading what I take time to post before dismissing it isn't your strong suit: Abeloth was a being created as a servant by the three Celestials: the Father, the Daughter, and the Son. Hmm.

@sirfizzwhizz: Lol, there's only one thing revolving these two clowns that I like; When Anakin uses the force and makes them kneel. I think that if Sidious ever did have children whom he thought would overthrow him someday, he likely would have just killed them off at a young age. Ahh the glorious days of baby Deathstroke and his gang of Star Wars fans..... :) @ssj3gohan007: Nice breakdown. The Son is from the Star Wars the Clone Wars TV Series. Not at all. Oh yeah! Xendor said he spoke with these beings, and I asked eagerly what he had discovered. With telekinesis the first time, and apparently he intercepted her tentacles with an outstretched hand or something idk.

There's absolutely no reason for the Father to have been exaggerating or lying, and I'm fairly certain that he's aware of his children's abilities. The only reason that the Skywalkers could compete is because Anakin was created by the Force aka his Father is the force - the Son of the Force. Their general apotheosis elevates them above any standard Force sensitives. Both are demonstrations of both insane levels of force power and force mastery that really nobody else has ever shown, so yeah it's relevant pertaining to their powers.

At full power, she could potentially "literally reshape the galaxy in any manner she wished". This topic is locked from further discussion. He has also erased Anakin's memories, extended wings to fly, thrown both the Daughter and Son out the window (when they were distracted), held lightsaber blades by his hand, forced lightsaber blades into their hilts by touching them, and so forth all even when he was beyond his prime - and yet the Son overpowered him. Standard Equipment: Ship; a semi-sentient ancient Sith starship, Intelligence: Incredibly High; Bathed in the Pool of Knowledge, constantly plotted against the actions of Luke Skywalker and his son; took advantage of the Sith Strike Team sent to kill Skywalker and forced them into becoming her allies, later tricked the Lost Tribe of Sith into revealing their homeworld to her and taking her there, eventually outsmarted and kill the Grand Lord on the galactic capital of Coruscant and through that took over his operations and plans including gaining all of his undercover agents and Sith on the planet to be used against and force the Jedi Order off the planet, concocted a plan that eventually through one of the deceased Grand Lord's agents allowed her to become the Chief-of-State of the entire government, constantly flustered Luke and others attempts to track her down, excellent combat skills and knowledge of the galaxy and the ways of the Force. He was still powerful enough to casually hold a lightsaber blade in his hand and fondle it. By reasonable inference, the Son should be far and away more powerful than Palpatine and should beat him every time, but the full limits of the Son's powers and their use is unknown, although they should be exceptional. Abeloth was not made by them. Battle in Mortis. Giving force power to millions of beings is still something we have yet to see from literally any other character.

@shootingnova: I don't think we're digressing at all. They may not be perfect, but then what movie is? Sidious would have never shown such fear and cowardice, much less put himself in a position to fail like Tenebrae did. the Canon Guide states they are simply powerful force users. How much can the Son physically augment himself? Sidious would probably toy with him and then made him kill himself. Even if the Father was one of the most powerful, it means little as his feats are not much higher than Yoda.

Round 2: The Father is alive. And at the time the Father along with his children is stated to be more powerful than any the Jedi have encountered before (including Yoda, Valkorion, Bane, Revan, Nihilus, Soa, World Razer, etc.).
(Could physically overpower both The Son and The Daughter, and bring great pain to Jedi Grandmaster Luke with her physical attacks), Durability: At least Multi-Solar System level, likely higher (Could not be defeated by the combined efforts of The Son and The Daughter), Body hopping, immortality, intangibility, and having to be killed physically, mentally, and astrally in her own private dimension make her difficult to kill). Xendor told me he once journeyed to a dead world where the Force was worshiped as a triad of divine beings. Seeing as they were the most powerful beings in the galaxy after the Ones Death and Abeloth's defeat, it could very easily be a most powerful beings in the galaxy type thing. If it ever happened in a story, the son would win. There were no jetpacks, no space cranes, not even any tether cables-just millions of Killiks, floating together in banks the size of small asteroids. That is just one side of fan theory. I seem to have a different plague. @deathstroke19: Palpatine becase hes more powerful he has better ways to beat him. That being said the Jedi have indeed seen themselves, and there is no reason to believe the quote wouldn't be referring to Jedi, especially since the point of the quote was to establish that Anakin Obi-Wan and Ahsoka had discovered a power greater than any the Jedi know of. lol Besides I just wanted to say Palpation. Because I know nothing of this Son. Because Sidious was out in the galaxy and 'the world didn't end' so to speak but its hinted that 'The world would end' if the Son escaped.

Reread it. Abeloth.

We're talking about the guy that conquered the galaxy at it's peak. Ravaging planet surfaces with Force Storm and avoiding death with essence transfer something the Son could not do.
Sooooo.... yeah. To clarify, it seems unlikely that Abeloth would directly be able to take control over/possess Sidious or Tenebrae, but it seems impossible that either of them would be able to defeat Abeloth, who was only contained in Legends after a battle on many fronts, in both the physical and spiritual planes. 3. They're more powerful than basically anyone else in the mythos. The existence of the triad has no more bearing on the reality of the Force than the Ashla and the Bogan, or anything I tell you, or anything you tell others. Tenebrae and Abeloth are ridiculously overpowered as well. "There are as many truths to the Force as there are hearts within which the Force manifests itself. I love for a statement that says they made her, please do and thanks. I'm new and named my main Tenebrae, this confused the hell out of me. Just off the top of my head. Hk-47, Revan, etc. Your talking Abeloth, and Abeloth > The Ones. And Satele also only did so with extreme difficulty, and would've been overpowered and killed by it were it not for Jace Malcom's help. Luke is the Grandson of the Force. There's also sources stating that the Son is the literal embodiment of the dark side. Reasoning? Correction: blasted room sized holes in rocks, plus overwhelming the defenses of a dude who casually toyed with a lightsaber blade with his bare hands (past-prime Father). @silver2467: Well, can you find the quote?

Who lives? And discussing potential books is a tangent. She appeared more powerful than any living Jedi or Sith at that time, including Luke for the most part, but on the other hand, she could be matched by many other characters too. I seen by looking through many people's reviews that even some of the best movies do have a number of flaws. Obi Wan, Mace Windu, and Yoda . Regarding differing interpretations on the Mortis trilogy, the Star Wars website's episode overviews for TCW (which are no longer there but can be found in archives) said in the Overlords summary that it was the design TCW's creative staff to leave the Mortis trilogy open to interpretation. I still think The Maw feat isn't quite disproven. Anakin viewed Sidious as fading in and out of existence and Yoda kept up with him just fine. But we don't know how much the Father's power has deteriorated do we? @shootingnova: all would be great. I can tell because I can't use italics or anything. Luke held his own against her more than once, and he even held the advantage over her a couple times. Abeloth isn't a planet, of course, but it's unclear how an individual defeating her would even be possible. By the time we are ready to build, you will be no more, she said. I mean, Yusuke and Genkai state S Classes can destroy planets and countries, Cell claims to be a solar system buster, but here on comicvine we do not accept those empty statements :/. Repeatedly stated to be capable of laying waste to the galaxy and bringing an end to the galactic civilization. Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. 2) to greatly help turn Anakin to the Dark Side. She first lived as the Servant, a mortal woman who served the powerful Ones on an unknown jungle planet over a hundred thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Round 1: The Father is for all intents and purposes dead.

Not really any context missing, the Ones were giving them power so they could build centerpoint station. After he did this, the son lost his powers and hence was able to be killed by Anakin. Depends on how much energy output a lightsaber has. If the Father couldn't hold off the Son's lightning, Yoda sure as hell isn't. They were never stated to created Anakin. Obi-Wan and Mace virtually don't even register as Force users next to the Son, and I'd say he's comfortably above Yoda as well. They die before they realize they are able to confront the Son in the first place. Pretty sure Abeloth is considered much more powerful than him, and our friend Vitiate has many tricks of his own. Unless they've demonstrated taking away power from a force sensitive they didn't gift it to? She first lived as the Servant, a mortal woman who served the powerful Ones on an unknown jungle planet over a hundred thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Son ragdolls Obi-Wan, shuts off Windu's lightsaber with the Force before throwing him over his head one handed, and overpowers Yoda with force lightning.

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