“An Encounter” suggests that although people yearn for escape and adventure, routine is inevitable, and new experiences, when they do come, can be profoundly disturbing. The French army had entered Toledo.". At a pause in the man’s speech, As the time for their return home draws nearer, they sit aimlessly in a field while Mahoney tries to slingshot a cat. The "subterranean world of darkness" becomes a perfect agent to carry an unnerving, mystifying atmosphere. when they do come, can be profoundly disturbing. The stories in James Joyce's book Dubliners are linked by setting and theme. begins to talk, reminiscing about his boyhood and talking about boy who talks to a girl should be whipped, and that he himself would narrator bemoans the restraint of school, his attempt to avoid it Summary more and more inappropriate and threatening, culminating in his . Joyce presents Dublin as a city of incapacitation to the young characters. © 2020 eNotes.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Quite suddenly, with a simple sentence, out of step with the ever-increasing complexity of the syntax - the climax of the character's investigation is revealed: "I stepped on it, and fell violently on my face." However, as the narrator becomes evermore aware of the horrific situation, Poe mirrors his mounting terror through increasingly complex syntax, resulting in a faster movement of thought and a growing sensation of confusion: "The difficulty, nevertheless, was but trivial; although, in the disorder of my fancy, it seemed at first insuperable.". On the day in which the story is set, the doctor has told her that there is reason for cautious optimism, but this does not make Jinny feel better. He mimics this action in his speech Mahoney sees him in the act, but the narrator doesn’t look up, even when Mahoney speaks out in alarm. I breathed more freely.". Poe displays this through an ever quickening pace and complex sentences.

He begins to erase the protagonist's claim; "I was very happy", from the reader's memory, introducing words such as "solemn", "sedulous" and eventually even denotes the character's thoughts as "jaded". He frequently refers to the "whipping'"of young boys with an over-excitable zeal. From the outset of the tale, Joyce ponders the notion of escape. stories on which they are based bond these boys together, both in Gabriel Conroy, “The Dead”: Character Analysis. In all three stories which I have detailed, it is the writer's subject matter and careful narrative technique which enrich our reading of them, allowing the reader not only pleasure and entertainment, but to view their lives more clearly.

boy, explains that Joe Dillon, the host and consistent winner, always ends It is second in a collection of Joyce's short stories called Dubliners. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. The rather mundane title for the story suggests Neal's detached attitude toward Jinny and his cavalier treatment of her despite her life-threatening illness is an undercurrent that runs throughout the story. enjoy executing the punishment. There are enormous social events that the boys witness and the narrator, in an act of maturity, seems to at least be able to notice the situations. The man’s orbit of words both mesmerizes The story involves a boy – the narrator – and his friend Mahony taking a day off from school and going to the shore, to seek adventure in their otherwise-dull lives.

The firmness of solid ground is only an illusion; all around lies the danger of loss of self. However, there is nothing to suggest that he does not love Jinny. Eventually, as the narrator gradually uncovers the secrets of his confinement, a greater sense of danger inside him is realised. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. promise to meet at ten the next morning. Quite often, Joyce does not commit any impassioned emotion to events, preferring to use lacklustre qualifying adverbs or adjectives: "…We were all vaguely excited… it was a mild sunny morning".

giving the effect of total bemusement and terror. Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. twitched occasionally, and, most of all, his monotonous repetition Mahony) a little. “Where aren’t you nowadaysAnd what’s the news you carry—if you know?And tell me where you’re off for—Montreal?Me? For example, the boys are mistaken for Protestants by some local children. in the distance, walking toward them leaning on a stick. Poe incorporates a feeling of perpetual unease and fear into the thought processes of his first person narrator, leaving the reader in a parallel state of mind as they experience the horror of the protagonist's situation. for the narrator. An older, dishevelled-looking man approaches them and begins to make conversation, asking them about school, books, and girlfriends. To accomplish the desired atmosphere for such the tortured fate of the narrator, Poe describes the physical surroundings of the protagonist in some detail. There is a strong feeling of isolation or the time that Jinny is waiting for Neal to return; he has accepted the invitation while Jinny, his sick wife, is left alone, tired and overly hot from the daytime temperature. of school, and venture into Dublin for the same reason. The story's structure plays a balancing act similar to that required of walking on a floating bridge. "An Encounter" -Robert Frost The exaggeration is to show the capability of the telephone pole since it can have contact to Montreal even without physically being there. startled victim. After the conversation turns back to school children, the older man excuses himself and retreats to the edge of the field where Mahoney spots him either urinating or masturbating (written in 1905, the story would not have been published if the act had been more carefully described). With this inclusion, Poe signals to the reader that the tension has peaked. The protagonist's isolation from intellectuals due to young age and low social class means he is quick to warm to the old man when he talks of literature. of phrases. The author achieves this through his incorporation of ambiguity, epiphany and writing through first person narrative, with inner monologue to highlight the consciousness of the protagonist and also to subtly divulge the feelings of others.

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