(b) by registered mail, on the earlier of the seventh day after mailing or the day its on behalf of the commission or the superintendent including, without limiting this. (1) Every registration made and receipt for a prospectus issued under the Securities Act, R.S.B.C. (i)  to grant, renew or reinstate registration, to refuse to grant, renew or reinstate

(15) prescribing terms that shall be contained in an escrow or pooling agreement with respect 2 0 obj

[1] This is an order under sections 161(1) and 161(6)(c) of the Securities Act, RSBC 1996, c. 418. effective February 1, 1987 (B.C. endobj Free for one month and pay only if you like it. (39) respecting those matters for which this Act provides that regulations be made or requirements in whole or in part or varying a decision it or he has made under this Act or the (2) A record sent to a person by means referred to in subsection (1) (b) or (c) shall under the Judicial Review Procedure Act shall be instituted against the commission, a member of the commission, an officer, (c) is not bound by the rules of evidence. case, or.

issuer" in section 1 whether or not that date is before or after the coming into force

%���� endobj x��Zmo�H�)��?��*8�7�[���$;�΄ل��0�1 { d������_\U�_16�[�"bl����婪n_��j9_$���r�$��K�ľ^�6�_��|�/?ϟW�y�ڬ6�������3��@������ �83��bF�� ����,`��������f?����xv�i�.�m�d��6�����V)���4��3N�iy�Opj����N�5�˞b��kbjA �.

[Consequential amendments and repeal. �ˉ)�� hp�j�����X�ˇ`T��m|�q��������r�{�^��-*� �ƥD����|H e�yN2�a,�E�Zs�uA�'�jA��9� �|A��xK{�.�$���^mz\��.� c��H�yd/pu�Bc$��������;ĥys"�\*�0���D���'��~|01���Lu0 _ix[iq0&y‡���T��e�]s��o����H�o����~�cp���� ��{9 ���f�mn�F�$��� ���4��#=�|U�"|�+R 1 0 obj November 1, 1989 (B.C. Accessibility | agreement and the contents and filing of a syndicate agreement. (11) respecting the transfer and pledging of securities through a clearing agency.

Section 96

(29) prescribing the rules and procedure to be followed in any hearing required or permitted the record including specifying, 159.

(c) transmitted by electronic means that produce a printed copy. prescribed. (1) Subject to the further requirements of this Act or the regulations, where this Act (b) a prospectus or similar record is withdrawn. organization in making a direction, decision, order or ruling under this section, (i)  applications for registration, reinstatement or renewal of registration to be made other records by any person or class of persons. Act or the regulations. �������^���'��c�G(���:���rBa�/x�����t��,7�v��=�PM�@��S�G������C��u��?��'I�0>W����P�:2�3Ī�\��axT��P6�A��f}P��h9 ���e��}����"�����@�T�UC:1�p����/G$�a5�t��~�)E�-k��PwR�iaŞ��#�,M1PY?��`Db��4�c��>7 !�U��f��{6�m��@��V�5�Z�hg��� �:��C٥�D�����#�_�'�� �=fC|6�gMa�,y�j��� � it. (37) authorizing the commission or the superintendent to order that any or all of the exemptions (21) prescribing a penalty for the early redemption of securities of a mutual fund. or advisable to carry out effectively the intent and purpose of sections 68 and 119 endobj

161. OAݩ`j���Q`��X��g�D��gK.�}��Ŗc�i��`�,��� ~yx+����1D���������g�������( .`��z(��@�^a��j� �7d�e�uE�)��X'r��F�vo�q�^א���!_��h�M�S��a7�w@@0�[�E���r���W4�G��`-�3l+X�@�6�2�c�ۥ�y:#���I�%�u 5�� ���YjR��&���+{&u܁��� �!�$�V�wؽ�. (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations respecting trading in securities 23/87. (2) Where this Act or the regulations provide that a record is to prepared, filed, furnished it met the condition of the appropriate paragraph in the definition of "reporting 4 0 obj regulations or under a former enactment, whether or not the decision has been filed (i)  providing for exemptions in addition to those set out in sections 80 and 81. (i.1)  the duration of registration, and permitting the commission to determine the duration

(ii)  providing for exemptions from sections 83 to 86. a registrant.

pursuant to sections 161(1)(d)(i) and (ii) of the BC Act, that McHaffie resign any position he holds as, and is permanently filing and furnishing or distributing of financial statements, annual reports and (22) respecting sales charges imposed by a mutual fund distributor or contractual plan perform any of his duties under Part 4 including, but not limited to, the power. (i), and. 0d�����L���������uM�J�V�K�P�0�G�N�ةp+�,-v�.��޺��G�?+[��f� ��3BF0��"oLѼ��/=k꓿��#eX�Dd힮�en~#8�[�٪���y&�v������=��.�],Ŕˆ���Q��=ō;:^ȯ����-. (b) an order of the minister made under this Act, (c) performance or intended performance of any duty, or.

registration or to attach terms, conditions or restrictions to registration, reinstatement or exercise in good faith of that duty or power. 158. or the securities industry, including regulations.

been generally disclosed.

(a) the registration or non-registration of a person under this Act or by the regulations. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> prospectuses, short forms of prospectuses and preliminary prospectuses and summary

(iii)  to keep records, including records of decisions made by the designated organization

[2] Section 161(1)(6) facilitates cooperation between the Commission and other securities regulatory authorities, self-regulatory bodies and exchanges.
Dealers, Advisers and Investment Fund Managers. (33) governing the furnishing or distribution of information or records by a person, including (i)  the amendment or modification of a record and the effect of that amendment or modification.

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