In 1983, Cessna and Lycoming tackled the lead fouling issue by replacing the O-235-L2C engine with the N2C variant, which the model had until it was discontinued in 1985. The Cessna 150M was produced for three years: 1975-77. I eventually replaced the Loran and aging ADF with used avionics, including a Garmin GPS-155XL and a glideslope system. 1,100 were built in 1972. . The final Cessna 150L model was produced in 1974. If your mission is to have fun flying on a budget, a Cessna 150/152 can hardly be beat.Stacey Morrisvia email. My mindset is to not screw around with salvage parts if new parts are available reasonably. Tanis Engine Pre-Heat System Students have to be taught to watch for abrupt noseups when applying full power for a go-around, training that prepares them nicely to transition into the Cessna 172, which has the same characteristic.

During the winter, this can be a mixed blessing and some operators tape off the root vents to reduce drafts.

See The Cessna 150/152’s slow flight characteristics are so utterly benign that they nearly qualify as STOL airplanes. The Cessna 150/152 series of Aircraft is the third most popular aircraft model ever made, behind the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee.. History. In 1961, the first of many changes in the model began, starting with moving the gear struts aft two inches, curing the airplane’s tail heaviness. Only 734 150 Aerobats were built out of 22,000-plus 150s, and only 264 150 Aerobats are still registered in the United States. Dual controls standard trainer and commuter models, optional in standard model. One positive aspect of the Lycoming engine is its TBO—a whopping 2400 hours. The only changes this model year were the propeller on the Cessna A150L Aerobat, to a new Clark "Y" airfoil that increased cruise by 4 mph (6.4 km/h). The harsh lesson here is that despite advances in materials and computer-aided design, the 1950s engineers who designed the 150 knew their way around structure and half a century later, what they built still remains serviceable for the foreseeable future.

Toe-operated single-disk hydraulic brakes. With such a low cruise speed, a 30-40 knot headwind can make some trips a lesson in patience—or downright impractical. Receiver and optional marker beacon. Door catches to replace the factory ones that often fail in service. Only 427 1977 model 150Ms were built as production shifted to the improved Cessna 152 in the early part of 1977.

Maybe. Dual controls (standard in trainer and commuter). Cessna was a latecomer to the post-war pilot boom. Both the new Aerobat and the non-aerobatic Cessna 150K also sported new conical cambered wingtips in 1970. With a portly CFI and student aboard, more than a few 152s have trimmed the trees off the end of runways. Owners who use the Cessna 150/152 for personal use—and many do—can count on literally years of service from the engine, if they’re operated enough to keep corrosion at bay and leaned to avoid lead buildup. Chord: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) at root, 3 ft 8½ in (1.12 m) at tip. Cessna 150J — The Cessna 150J brought a new key-operated starter that replaced the old “pull-style” starter. Due to its light weight and light wing loading of 10 lbs/sq ft, the aircraft is sensitive to turbulence. Wheel Fairings 3 Position Taxi/Landing Light Switch Nav/Omni 300 with full VOR/LOC/glideslope receiver and optional marker beacon.

When 80/87 gas began to fade from the market in 1978, displaced by 100LL, Cessna switched to the 110-HP Lycoming O-235 that provided more power and boosted the TBO from 1800 hours to 2000 hours and eventually 2400 hours. Empty Weight C.G. The best-performing airplanes in the 150 and 152 fleet are the 1962 Cessna 150B and the 1963 Cessna 150C. Handling is what it is, which is predictable, with relatively light control forces and no nasty stall habits. Starter and Vacuum Pump Replaced in 2006 The “Patroller” was also introduced in 1960.

Not really, say operators familiar with both airplanes.

The 150 was succeeded in the summer of 1977 by the closely related Cessna 152.

Some owners use TCP additive to help control lead. Did Cessna hit the mark? The large flaps—even when limited to 30 degrees—are quite effective, although they do generate quite a nose-down trim moment. Two organizations of note are the Cessna Pilots Association and the Cessna 150-152 Club. My 152 has also been a fine IFR aircraft. Lessons are short and there’s no point in pretending there’s enough room in the airplane for plush seats.

This was done more for styling than for aerodynamics and the empty weight accordingly went up 10 lbs (4.5 kg) over the Cessna 150K. An hour’s work could save you smashing your face on the yoke and could save your life.

Why? Does anybody own a Cessna 150/150.

Although the seat height is quite low, the legroom is excellent. Prior to this, operators found that early tops were needed due to lead fouling. The Cessna 150 was offered for sale in the 150 basic model, Commuter, Commuter II, Patroller and the aerobatic Aerobat models. Thanks to their light 1,500 lbs (680 kg) gross weight and more aerodynamic rear fuselage, they climb the fastest, have the highest ceilings, and require the shortest runways. As many Cessna 150 owners have demonstrated (and demonstrate every year at the Cessna 150/152 Fly-in in Clinton, Indiana), these airplanes can be reliable, long-distance transportation.

Your back will thank you.Graeme J.W. Incidentally, I have wondered why there are not other STC'd engines to replace the venerable O-200. The Cessna 150 is simple, robust and easy to fly. History: Founder Clyde Cessna built his first airplane in 1911, and taught himself to fly it! Blind-flying instrumentation (standard on commuter model). Still there, say owners. Glareshield Rear Looking Mirror Airplanes with canards are undeniably cool, but they have some quirks, especially the Velocity kit aircraft. Landing a Cessna 150/152 is easy enough to teach and learn, to a point. Cessna 150K — 1970 was the year that Cessna introduced the Cessna A150K "Aerobat," a Cessna 150 with limited aerobatic capabilities. It is IFR certified with a Garmin GNS430W, so I can’t do most of the commercial and instrument work with this 150. Electrically-actuated NACA single-slotted all-metal flaps. Seat upholstery is in excellent condition except for a tear in the pilot side seatback. It had a new propeller that increased cruise speed by 2 knots (3.7 km/h) and the option of a two-passenger child seat for the baggage compartment. The main change in the 150 design was the use of tricycle landing gear, which is easier to learn to use than the tailwheel landing gear of the Cessna 140. But it was not to stay that way for long.

We couldn’t verify the existence of other conversions (Texas Taildragger or Bush) that use the original Cessna 150/152 landing gear moved forward on the fuselage. An additional 285 were built by Reims as the F150M and 141 FA150M Aerobats with the Rolls Royce Continental O-240-A engine. Portable Intercom with Velcro Yoke Mounted Push to Talk 331 “B” models were built. The cost was USD $6,995 for the Standard Model 150, $7940 for the Trainer and $8,545 for the Commuter. In the real world, owners say they go slower. The higher compression O-235 Lyc delivered its 110 HP at 2550 RPM rather than the O-200’s 2750 RPM. I purchased a 1973 A150L to teach my daughters to fly, versus paying for lessons at the FBO. Owners report that annuals are thrifty—in the $800 to $1200 range, depending on parts needed. Cockpit visibility is generally good other than directly above the aircraft, where the view is blocked by the wing. The many refinements incorporated into the Cessna 150 over the years had cost the aircraft a lot of useful load. Cantilever all-metal structure, with sweptback vertical surfaces. means to basically a Cessna 150, which just happens to be what I'm taking my training in (152 aerobat actually).

The 1973 Cessna 150L model brought in lower seats to provide more headroom for taller pilots. 344 were constructed. No Known Structural Damage History

The 1960 model introduced a 35-amp generator on the Commuter. The airplane is comfortable with an approach speed of 60 knots or slower, but it will easily tolerate higher speeds, because those draggy flaps bleed off excess airspeed in a heartbeat. Datcon Hobbs Meter Reims Aviation completed 1,764 F-150s, of which 1,428 were Commuters and 336 were Aerobats.

A great trainer should be easy to fly, but a challenge to fly really well. Aircraft performance stats and information for the Cessna 150 D,-E,-F,-G aircraft. Useful Load 503 lbs. The avionics in the plane were dated, although there was a Loran installed that I appreciated for a few months before the Loran network was shut down. My mid-time 152 came with the Sparrowhawk modification, a propeller change and different pistons that ups the horsepower from roughly 110 HP to 125 HP. Since I don’t want my own daughters to botch an actual unusual attitude, the A150 is just the ticket for instruction. This was the first year the aircraft featured a swept tail fin, increased baggage area and electrically operated flaps. It was available as the “150” or the upgraded “Commuter”. Reims also built 75 A150Ls with F150M modifications.

Where the 152 shines, however, is on load flexibility. The baggage compartment was also enlarged several times and one option included a rear child seat. This didn't stop Cessna from designating an “India” model Cessna 172 however. The seaplane was, by most accounts, a decent little water taxi, although no one would mistake it for a Beaver. This was a standard 150 with acrylic glass windows on the lower doors, 35 US gallon long range fuel tanks and a message chute for dropping packages to the ground. The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane, that was designed for flight training, touring and personal use. In general, these are simple airframes that don’t require much maintenance. Met-Co-Aire sells wingtips for the 150 series, reach them at 714-870-4610 or Forty-seven F-150s were also assembled by a Reims affiliate in Argentina, including 38 Commuters and 9 Aerobats. This also includes the insurance cost to instruct my two teenage daughters. The baggage compartment was enlarged by 50%.

1,460 of the 1973 models were built. Last Annual Inspection Accomplished in 2008, Narco CP136 TSO Audio Panel The 152 has been a good fit for my flying mission.

The Cessna 150 first appeared with a 100-HP Continental O-200, a reliable and easy-to-maintain engine that matched the airframe nicely. It’s not as good when heavy on a hot day. Last Flown in 2008

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