But we will also add people to our email list on our CSA waiting list and others who might be interested so they can be the first to know and buy one if they want, too. -Swiss or Rainbow Chard She’s now delving into the an-swers more deeply than ever before. We do not sell, rent or give our customer information to anyone, ever. -Oregano The philosophy is one of mutual support, respect and sharing of the risks and benefits of food production. Example: If you’re getting back from a trip on Wednesday but aren’t sure you’ll make it, switch to Thursday distribution.

Traditionally, CSAs have their members take a box of pre-packed vegetables, filled with whatever the farm has in abundance. If you don’t customize in time, you will receive a “Farmers Choice” Box with fresh and popular veggies. My kids have already ate the sugar snap peas and cucumbers! Look for the big board telling you how many "items" in total to take.

By signing up for these shares from other producers, you agree to hold harmless Titus Farms and its employees for any product defect. (We'll also confirm your address before then.).

-Garlic Despite the relatively short experience compared to our international competitors, we are winning commercial contracts (if still relatively small) not only in Europe but also overseas - from US to Japan. Scroll up and click the “Subscribe” button on the left hand side (web) or find it all the way at the bottom (mobile). Its focus is on promoting the capabilities of its members and fostering their successful participation in competitive international space tenders, with major emphasis on ESA. CSA Group, ehemals Canadian Standards Association, eine kanadische Normungsorganisation; Chemie: Camphersulfonsäure, (von englisch Camphorsulfonic acid) abgekürzt, ist eine Organoschwefel-Verbindung und, wie alle Sulfonsäuren, eine relativ starke … -Eggplants
-Asparagus Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership is a Late Season CSA: it runs from July to November instead of May to November, unlike most CSA’s in our growing zone.

In the 2nd Czech open call for tenders, (AO6647), CSA was again the leader, with its members winning 77% of the 3.62M€ budget allocated to industry.

In line with the goal of the Ministry of Transport to generate return on their investment to the ESA programmes, the members also strive to transfer their gained knowhow to commercial projects. The Czech Space Alliance (CSA) is an SME industry association of, and for, Czech space companies with proven skills and track record in aerospace business, and with broad international client base.

Taking too much means you're taking from another family. ). -Onions Please remember: It is your responsibility to make arrangements for any missed shares and to redeem your make-up share in the time allowed. Each week the produce is very fresh and plentiful. CSA Group members make our work possible. -Leeks The "make-up" must be within 2 weeks of returning (or 2 weeks before you leave). Navigate to your account in Farmigo and click on the Delivery Hold tab. If you are comfortable with letting the balance remain, you're also welcome to pay monthly or, at the end of CSA. -Snap peas Each type of veggie (an "item") has a sign telling you how many pieces of that veggie you can take. -Rhubarb We grow the veggies and we only ask that you read and follow our CSA policy.

Select the dates you DO NOT want a share.

The National Space Plan (NSP), result of cooperation of all ministries and the Czech Space Alliance was approved by the government in May 2010. Your spot is valuable so, only order a CSA share if you're sure. As a member of Angelica Organic Farm's CSA, you will receive a weekly assortment of veggies in peak readiness, which we select for you from our available produce harvest, picked fresh at the farm and delivered to you within 24 hours. We are proven– we have U.S. and Canadian accreditations that provide you with a single source for market access, and are recognized around the world as a leading issuer of HazLoc certificates including ATEX and IECEx. Why Be a Member? You can add any of these items to your CSA 2-3 days ahead of time.

Organising or co-organising events and B2Bs with overseas partners in conjunction with with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry or Czechinvest. If you don’t subscribe there, you will not have next week’s CSA Share contents emailed to you.

CSA does not control the Content posted via the Members Only Area and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content. We also found that there is still a ton of produce variety well into November, too, and all the way up until Thanksgiving. Farmigo will lock you out if you attempt more than that. We email our CSA members first to give them priority availability if they want one or more before the full season begins in July. Unfortunately, your share will probably sit on your front porch and spoil :( Hopefully, you can find a neighbor to use it!

We will consider your membership on a case-by-case basis but you made a promise to support our farm and we hope you keep it.

If you want to change your site for the duration of the season, click “Permanent.” Otherwise, select “Next Delivery.”.

If you received a box with liner, you can leave that out and we will take that back too, though that is not required. -Carrots Jupiter Ridge Farm offers a unique and exclusive CSA. We will consider your membership on a case-by-case basis. Jupiter Ridge 2020 CSA | Week 16 (And Happy Halloween! Czech Republic quick rise in ESA, from a near standstill during 1989 - 2005, built on the very strong background of science and technology experience which Czechoslovakia (as it was then) gained during its substantial participation in the Inter-cosmos missions, as well as through building and operating a number of national satellites (the Magion series).

Please communicate that you're on your way BEFORE CSA closes and we aren’t packed up. We’ve found that while some members loved this, others tired of it real quick.

Why not keep a good thing going? We, Titus Farms, do not store any of your personal financial information on our website. I have been a member of CSA for 3 years and it just keeps getting better and better.

-Cabbage For Titus Farms CSA Shares and after the CSA Session has started: All sales are final. CSA Member Zone - an exclusive area within the CSA website allowing members to access resources, book events and renew membership; Regular events throughout the year dedicated to specific areas of interest within the industry; Free webinars; Discounted insurance policies; Industry updates via the CSA review, the Association’s monthly newsletter You may receive a double share, or pick up your share at another distribution site or farmers market. To further guarantee subscriber satisfaction, best produce quality, and the highest diversity of vegetable and mushroom offerings possible, we limit our member numbers. We offer a CSA to Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Surrounding Areas. Log in to our Member Zone… 24/7 access to a library of resource containing exclusive content only available to CSA members. It is your responsibility to stay informed about CSA by reading newsletters, payment reminder email and all other communication. By joining, you, as a "member" receive a portion … Each meal we cooked with ingredients from the box was tastier than the last!

Even with a ton of vegetable diversity packed into a spring share during these months, most of it was still almost all greens– either spinach, arugula, bunched kale, kale greens, head lettuce, salad greens, collards, chard, or other leafy vegetables. Members are asked not to split their shares or, if you do, it must be done off-site. Welcome to the Member Zone.

We made it so our model starts in mid July, when the greatest diversity and abundance of produce is available: greens, onions, kohlrabi, broccoli, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, beets, carrots, etc., you name it.
These shares are absolutely non-refundable but, please see the Add-on Policy section below for more details. But, we (TF) cannot always personally control the quality of all of these products.


Lots of yummy things like jam, pork and extra veggies can be found on our webstore. Visit our online shop for the latest CSA membership prices and farm share boxes available, and to pre-order and purchase for home delivery online! ), it can be hard for us to keep track of everyone’s situation. Welcome to the Member Zone. The quality of these fresh veggies and spices are beyond my expectations.

Our CSA pick up option for Cedar Rapids is to pick up at Rodina in the Czech Village on Wednesdays every week from mid-July through November while it is open (1 PM-10 PM). -Broccoli Currently, your share will be donated to the host site if you fail to communicate that you need to miss that week. The alliance was established in 2006 under the auspices of CzechTrade, the export promotion agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Pick up option for Dyersville area is TBD, but inquire if you’d be interested. Full Name. For You: the Consumer, Supporter, Friend: You receive what we have seasonally available on our farm in allotted amounts, reflective of their value. If you sign up for a CSA delivery share, all items are delivered in a chilled cooler or lined box straight to your doorstep every Tuesday if you live in the Cedar Rapids area (or in Dyersville). If you are an employee of a CSA member company and wish to access the CSA Member Zone, please contact us. Select a delivery zone that is closest to you. -Kale In line with the NSP's recommendations, in April 2011, the government transferred the responsibility for coordinating the national space policy and the task to represent the CR in ESA and other international space entities such as the EU, to the Ministry of Transport. We, Titus Farms, reserves the right to refuse home delivery or, add an extra fee onto your share to compensate the farm for gas/expenses.

We, Titus Farms, is not responsible for any arrangements made between you and your share partner, the shares are not designed to be split.

Prices Vary Year to Year – Delivery and Pick Up Options Available – Email Us for This Season’s Prices and Available Memberships At: For those champing at the bit for earlier CSA boxes and tons of greens (or who don’t want to commit to a full CSA season membership), we set up our “Early Bird Box” Farm Share program for the month of May (and possibly earlier) through early July. CSA Memberships also available for Dyersville, Peosta, Dubuque, and Surrounding Areas. Apply for membership; Member Zone; CSA Member Directory search for businesses : Work with a CSA member Does your business have unpaid invoices and would like to enquire about the services of a CSA member? This means that while we REALLY want to make sure you get what you’re owed (it’s your share after all!

Looking forward to today’s delivery – thank you for sharing all your hard work and expertise with us in the most delicious way!”, – Megan Stobb, 2020 Cedar Rapids CSA Member. Our order site is run by Farmigo and your information is stored securely by Authorize.net and, Paypal, respectively. During the process leading to the Czech accession to the ESA convention in 2008, it was registered as a legal entity. Items like local honey, jam, fruit and pork are available for purchase, when in season. sity geologist and SSSA member Susan Brantley is no ordinary observer; for her, the pretty scene evokes a host of questions about why the landscape looks the way it does.

Email Address Read the email and log into your online account.

Add us to your contact list and check your promotions or junk folder if you haven't received communication from us after signing up for a share.

We would love you to host us at your home or business!

I am hooked on garlic scapes, where have they been all my life!!!

Just have them tell us your last name and we’ll handle the rest. In rare circumstances, we may refund your money for add-on shares if we feel their service was improperly rendered and the financial burden to our farm is zero.

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