Barack Obama.

He was a professional baseball player of iconic stature, and in the film version of his early life, he was played by John Goodman. Learn how to make your own shandy with this summery beer cocktail recipe. Somewhere in my earlier posts I mention Prince Vladimir’s famous statement, “The joy of Russia is drinking.” It seems that the joy is quite cosmopolitan!

Actor, psychopath admirer Far more notable than King or Joel. It’s a good beer for quenching your thirst after mowing the lawn. Such hilarious visions clamber Or is it a man who drinks in such a way as to make people go, “Holy hell, AFFotD, you really shouldn’t celebrate this kind of reckless drinki-ow, stop it, why are you flicking my ear repeatedly, that’s extremely irritating”?

Jozef Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union Oh right, the libel suits.

Below are ten of those celebrated heroes. Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer and pianist Martin Luther, the man behind the Protestant Reformation, essentially claimed that those who drink beer get to walk straight through the pearly gates. Micky. United Nations Information Office / … I will drain that glass again. Prices vary everywhere, but typically these beers run a dollar or less per 12-ounce can or bottle. Cheers,

That’s not a good thing. We recommend you give it a shot with this five-star recipe. Though the spirit was discontinued in the U.S. in 2011, it is still available in Israel where it’s particularly popular during Passover—it’s one of the few kosher vodkas on the market. The famous dramatist discovered his passion for beer while serving as a military doctor, which exposed him to the brew at a young age. When Prime Minister Abe hosted President Obama in Tokyo, the Japanese leader showed his American colleague the best sushi the town had to offer: Sukiyabashi Jiro, the sushi master made famous by Jiro Dreams of Sushi. “Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must lead…” PLEASE add CB to your list!! Would you like a daily dose of America, Badassery, and pistachios mainlined into your email account like some sort of Freedom Junky? Oh that sounds like an awesome book. According to The Donald himself, Trump has never tasted Trump Vodka, or any other liquor for that matter, as he claims to have never had a drink in his life. Johan Sebastian Bach, German composer Money that we could also spend on booze. Who? Or order it online here. The list of royal family members we’d like to party with goes: QEII, then Prince Harry. HIm and Humphrey Bogart rank among the best. Goran Bregovic, Yugoslavian singer This was the reason I wanted him at the position of Jezus. That’s our way of saying, “He managed to get himself smashed, on the regular, when it was illegal to do so, and then he’d wake up, nurse his hangover, and crush some home runs.”  What a goddamn pro. Author, pop-culture junky He revived the American worker after the Depression with the New Deal. Cheers, Absolutely… I think we need to make an article about him too! Well, he’s also one of the most iconic and bestselling entertainers in American history, winner of eleven Grammys, an Oscar, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and if you had a grandmother or great aunt who visited Las Vegas in the 60’s or 70’s, well congratulations, you’re related to someone who has had sex with Frank Sinatra. It’s good to be the queen. I am drinking ale today.” We’re going to assume this was written before he ended up drunk in the gutter. 119 beers in 6 hours…one beer, every 3 minutes, non stop. Cheers to that! Change ). Charles Bukowski makes drinking in excess sound so right and noble that it’s very possible his career was underwritten by generous donations from Citizens For The Propagation Of Cirrhosis.

Rocker, potential murderer Not sure who made it, but yes… it is Peter the Great for the simple reason he started the Drunken Synod as you can read in his story. Billy Joel, American singer-songwriter

For this test, we focused on domestic, light lagers. Kimi Raikkonen, Finnish Formula 1 driver

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