This Halloween “Special” aired on October 16th, 1982 and even though it’s nothing remarkable, they still gave you time before Halloween to watching it – I’m looking at YOU The Midnight Hour… Final Thoughts On Forgotten 80s Halloween Specials. However, the voice talent is spectacular. Hey Geeks, Lowdown Brown here to tell you about some awesome Halloween specials you might’ve forgotten about. Despite starring our favorite alien troublemaker, this episode really pounds that creep factor, especially when he transforms into a decapitated zombie Lilo to scare Myrtle and her minions. But don't let that bother you, there's much I don't remember from that time. The special aired in October 1993. Upset and worried that he might have to move out of Transylvania to live a more “normal” life, Dracula calls upon his monster friends to fix their images or risk losing Halloween and their scary identities altogether.[9]. It was said to be on the same level in 1981 with Jim Henson’s puppetry.
But when it comes to Halloween, the choices feel sparse. The Mickey vs. Villains plot works great in providing a frame, but the short-films aired also ring in the spooky season. Your IP: The remainder of the special shows them discovering the castle. Disney's Halloween Treat is essentially a best-of sort of affair, with plenty of tricks and treats to ring in the haunted holiday. There’s some pretty scary stuff as well, that troll is nasty. Until next time, Join Us Or Die! The 30-minute long special features Sheldon Snail and Wilshire Pig – two original characters – who stumble upon a map to Dr. Frankenswine’s lab.

When a group of Bonnie's toys get stranded and stuck in a roadside motel on a trip, strange things begin to happen when they start vanishing one-by-one. I love the Garfield Halloween special to death. Without fall television, especially with shows from the 70’s and 90’s, the October festive cheer is not quite the same. Two Martians crash-land on Earth during Halloween to get candy for their home planet. It combines segments from “Disney’s Halloween Treat” and “Disney’s Greatest Villains”. The cliff notes fashion of recital was aimed at making children more interested in reading. The plot is pretty simple for a Halloween flick, a group of kids befriends a resurrected mummy and must reunite him with his sarcophagus before he turns to dust. I hope this jogged your memory, or turned you on to a few specials you had no idea existed. The TV channel Freeform (formerly ABC Family) annually presents their special "13 Nights of Halloween" with specialized Halloween episodes of regularly scheduled programs, as well as specified Halloween specials and movies to play for the 13 nights leading up to October 31.

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