After getting his start managing systems migrations in Banking and Manufacturing, he has spent the past 15 years providing IT services to small government and education. You can also research for other kinds of strategies as long as you will refer to credible and reliable sources of data and information. What is a strategic plan and why is it needed? "What are your top five business objectives?" The first step delves into costs and budgeting; the next step focuses on key. Businesses often need to complete a firewall migration or replace firewalls for a variety of reasons. Keep in mind that there are many acceptable formats for strategic plans and you should use the approach that is right for you. You may also see sales strategy plans. The template includes the following sections: SOURCE: CIO Index OFFERING: IT Strategy Template, This IT strategic planning template lists 21 questions aimed at helping IT executives develop a plan that reflects business pain points and objectives. Investments University of Oregon’s IT Strategic Plan – Investments ( version) are part of the overall transforming IT process an UO.
Such a strategic plan is a document detailing the in-depth technology-enabled business management processes used by a company for guiding operations.

When reviewing,, For example, many companies are seeing the advantages of moving their on-premise data centres to cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is a comprehensive, in-depth strategic planning guide from IT consultancy Gartner -- replete with "tools, templates and lessons learned from clients." Submit your e-mail address below. "Does your business plan include a technology plan? Keep in mind that a strategic plan will not be enough if it will stay as an untouched document. UMass defined 10 goals that make up their strategic plan. The process began with an environmental scan of IT services and discussions with various stakeholders (faculty, students, departments, campus leaders, IT staff, and the Technology Council). "The DHS IT Strategic Plan is our coordinated effort to integrate people, processes, technology, information and governance in a way that fully supports the needs of our workforce, our partners, our customers and the American public, while addressing our ever-evolving mission challenges," explained CIO Luke McCormack, who retired in 2017. Let’s start with some of the core components. IT principles, metrics, and financials:  This section answers questions such as: What is IT’s guiding principles? Either way, remember that creating a strategic plan is only the beginning; the hard part is executing it. [Start the IT Strategy document with a summary. An Example of an IT Strategic Plan. It’s easy to misinterpret or misunderstand company goals if you’re getting them through the grapevine; this is why it’s essential for IT leadership to have a seat at the table for every business strategic planning meeting. Through a strategic plan, the call-to-actions that are necessary to be done by particular entities can produce results that the business can maximize for its advantage. For example, if one of the business strategies is to have a better customer digital experience, you may want to develop a suite of mobile apps over the next few years.

The proper evaluation of the standing of the business can help you look into opportunities that the business can take for its growth and development. Alignment with business strategy and objectives: The IT strategy plan should demonstrate an understanding of alignment with the business strategy, so that the IT strategies support the business strategies. IT organizations need to be careful not to over-message, however, because too much just becomes so much ignored spam. Get every possible advantage – not only because you have the premier platform in this space, but because you can draw on the experience and best practices of our execution experts. The plan outlined a bold set of initiatives that taken together aimed to transform, modernize, and greatly simplify our IT landscape. You’ve got to: That’s why everyone from global corporations, to regional healthcare systems, to federal agencies have turned to AchieveIt for their Integrated Plan Management. You may also see procurement strategy plans. BaselineThis section is designed to establish a baseline for IT and the business leaders by asking questions such as: "What are your top five business pain points?" You may also see marketing strategy plans. Part two is about setting goals, allocating resources and identifying metrics. Some are from our clients. In 2012, the CIO Council defined—for the first time—a shared vision for IT across Harvard's schools and departments, and a unified Strategic Plan to guide our collective efforts.
It is very short at only 5 pages and uses graphical elements to communicate goal alignment. UMass’ strategic plan is longer than most. Environment Trend AnalysisThe two questions in this category ask you to think about the five top business trends and the five top technology trends, then assess which of the five in each area will affect your business and how. Questions include: "What is in the way of achieving business imperatives?" In 2012, the CIO Council defined—for the first time—a shared vision for IT across Harvard's schools and departments, and a unified Strategic Plan to guide our collective efforts. Business strategies that require large investments in IT infrastructure or software solutions should be specifically called out.

"The collective input became the foundation on which we built the plan," the report asserts. This IT strategy document example can be modified to meet the specific needs of a given business. The process began with an environmental scan of IT services and discussions with various stakeholders (faculty, students, departments, campus leaders, IT staff, and the Technology Council).

These free IT strategic planning templates and examples of IT strategic plans will help CIOs develop strategies that become powerful tools for the business. Let’s look at an IT strategy plan example and its essential components. 4. This section answers questions such as: What is IT’s guiding principles? U-M provides a very unique high level strategic plan without all of the ancillary analysis that typically accompanies a strategic plan. Look for things and areas that you need to change, improve, develop, or remove depending on how you would like the document and its content to be used. Use templates if you are having a difficult time in creating the layout of your strategic plan. See our writing guidelines and send us your ideas. You have to take the timeliness of the action plan and strategy implementation into consideration so you can set your focus and energy on appropriate and relevant activities. Business initiatives to support corporate strategy, IT strategic plan to support business initiatives, Infrastructure unit costs vs. target benchmarks, Percent of projects on time, on budget, on spec, Percent of business-facing services meeting service-level agreements, Percent of IT investment on run, grow, transform the business, Percent of project spend on customer-facing initiatives, Customer satisfaction scores for business-facing services, Percent of IT investment by business initiative. Want to contribute to the Resolute blog? How developed your plan needs to be depends on several factors, including the level of accountability you are trying to create, the time frame for implementing the plan, and the culture of your organization. 2018 IT Strategic Plan (pdf) About the IT Strategic Plan. In this e-Book, you’ll learn how IT can meet business needs more effectively while maintaining priorities for cost and security. This document defines the Information Technology (IT) Strategy that must be followed within the “IT Service Unit” from the date of approval until the end of the year 20xx. Therefore, an IT strategy often covers a set of principles to govern the appropriate level of diligence or risk taking on new technology trends for different business goals. Governance ( focuses on creating the new governance structure that will make recommendations to the provost. Having accomplished so much of what we set out to do in 2012, the CIO Council felt it was time to develop the next iteration of the IT Strategic Plan—to anticipate and support the evolving needs of our multi-campus University, and help focus our efforts over the next three years.

SOURCE: University of South Florida SystemEXAMPLE: Information Technology Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022. The CIO role, from IT operator to business strategist, CIO presentation to the board of directors: Candid tips from CIOs, 6 free IT strategic planning templates for CIOs, Championing IT operational excellence: The strategic CIO's first day, Essential KPIs for the IT Strategic Planning Process, University Information Technology Strategic Plan 2018, Information Technology Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022, Information Technology Strategic Plan FY 2015 - 2018, 6 key business benefits of a modern, flexible infrastructure, Keeping Up the Pace of Transformation to Ensure Your Organization Stays on Top, Credential stuffing attacks threaten businesses in Asia-Pacific, Apptio buys Cloudability for cloud cost optimization. If you are interested in creating a very detailed strategic plan, and willing to put in the work. Use of this site signifies your acceptance of BMC’s,,,, University of Oregon’s IT Strategic Plan – Investments ( version),,,, The Trough of Disillusionment: Working Hard, 7 Ways to Put Automation Everywhere Into Practice for the Enterprise, 10 Best TED Talks for Service Desk Professionals. We'll send you an email containing your password. (See CEB Global, below.) Upward Airlines Strategic Plan Example. As I mentioned previous UO doesn’t have your typical strategic plan document.

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