Management were driven and focused. A typical shift at work includes doing jobs from condensing products from pallets onto cages in their respected areas, restocking shelves, assisting customers in finding items and cleaning up/ packing up the back dock. A very welcoming community work environment, great training and lots of variety in day to day tasks.

I've never been employed. A stock associate at Kmart … A typical day at work can see you dealing with many customers and switching between roles throughout the store. The hardest part of my job is finding items of stock that get rotated on and off the shelves frequently. If you were to leave Kmart, what would be the reason? Kmart is a friendly working environment and great for a startup job. Hardest part of the job is having to deal with the new manger Craig. The management will cut your shifts if you do not perform well. However can feel under the pump sometimes but some people thrive with this!

Sometimes gets too busy and managers do not put enough staff on. I have worked on checkouts, directly with customers, and also working on store presentation, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. All Rights Reserved. Loved working here.

Co-workers were a bit up and down, some were energetic and loved to have a conversation with everyone but others would avoid and conversation, worst co-workers were the older ones who thought they were managers. Can get replaced if you are not liked by managers, Working at kmart was a good experience which set me up with basic skills in retail. The team at Kmart is amazing but you don't get many hours as they just keep employing new teens and the hours are horrible and the taxes are huge that take half your pay for taxes which is BS mate. I learnt many new skills whilst working at Kmart such as customer service, replenishing the clothes and stock, working with registers …

There are always new people every time I work there - the management is terrible. Receive weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. What is the interview process like at Kmart?

I worked there for a year then was completely forgotten about for the next year.

Position Overview. Shifts are regular even if your a causal you sort of get “set days”. What should you wear to an interview at Kmart? Staff are friendly to each other. The hardest part of the job, was hearing some of the customers complain about lack of good customer service. A typical day at work saw me unloading stock from pallets and creating my own roll cages to use to restock shelves, this process was repetitive and often included heavy lifting which had to also be done with accuracy and speed.
Available online only. Was good to work there, but only 4 hours twice a week when it wasn't seasonal. I would go back in a heart beat as long as I got paid the right amount for my age. Very busy but encouraging & motivating workplace. Counted cash drawers and made bank deposits. I enjoyed working the stock for the night fill team and the day fill when needed. I personally enjoyed every aspect and responsibility I had to endure while employed at Kmart. Store was busy and stressful. During my time working at Kmart, I've learned lots of useful skills.

Hardest part of the job was when it got busy. Ideas & Inspiration. It was a very peaceful work place I had no problems. Find Kmart jobs. Excellent pay rate and very caring and understandable employees and employers, Fun workplace with easy to get along with management. Interviewed job candidates and made staffing decisions. What is the interview process like at Kmart? - The pay is not good for what you do when you’re there - constantly busy.

I leant to work on my own,work fast and more I did the more the manager would give me. Kmart is a friendly working environment and great for a startup job. I have been working at Kmart for around 1 and a half years now and all I can really say now is that I receive absolutely no shifts - that being 1-4 shifts a month.

Whilst at Kmart I learned many skills. Does Kmart have a staff discount? A typical day at work was to unpack load, get stock up on the shelves and make sure store was customer friendly. Managers were inconsistent and unfair, we would be told off for covering shifts on our own but when calling in sick got roasted for late notice or having no one to fill the spot. Highly reccommed! Kmart Stock Information. A normal day would consist of doing what I'm assigned to do with minimal supervision. Good break times, good management and staff. Stocker hourly pay at Kmart can range from $8 - $14. most enjoyable part about working there was the co-workers. However while I was there it was a very nice place to work. Kmart stock associates must also display a friendly, courteous, and amiable personality to both customers and coworkers alike.

Although the team are awesome and friendly I hardly get to see them and now I've been forced to search for another job. What would you suggest Kmart management do to prevent employees from leaving?

This has resulted in at least 5 co-workers leaving, we went from having 10+ night shift workers to no more than 5. I took great pride in doing this. I recommend working at Kmart if you don't like to be … Kmart has taught me how to use time management to meet goals to get the job done. Productive work place, dedicated to good work, not much time for fun.. A great workplace for high school students where you work in a team environment. working at kmart was a quick but good experience, i meet lots of new people and got the chance to see how different the workforces can be. I gained so much customer service skills. I would go back in a heart beat as long as I got paid the right amount for my age.

Everyone is friendly. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Kmart. His/her role also involves keeping record of all purchases made and ensuring that records of money ... Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.

Free interview details posted anonymously by Kmart interview candidates. I work mostly on the floor with customer service, this includes cleaning and folding tables, helping other staff, helping out customers when needed etc. it was a good first job but that is all, as you get older depending on the manager the less shifts you will get because they have to pay you more but if your one of the lucky few you can progress and upskill but that dose not happen often, Working With Kmart New Zealand was an amazing experience i worked there for 2 years and it was amazing especially the people and the culture Kmart NZ helped me with my confidence as I’m grateful.

Really great experience working at kmart.

The most enjoyable part of my job, greeting and interacting with customers. The rest of the year is slow.

Promoted from Team Leader to Assistant Manager within]4 months. Get inspired.

A gained alot of customer service and life skills whilst working at kmart. Find nearby store locations. Buy online, pick up in store. 50% off clothes ect to “wear to work”.

Working for Kmart was great but it did have it's moments and I also had my own area as a casual for 7years and their was always something new to learn everyday.

Would not recommend Kmart Booragoon. I have learnt how to tackle any challenge first-hand with my co-workers, as I believe any problem can be solved through team work.

At Kmart I loved Unpacking stock and filling cages, it was a great job! Does Kmart have a staff discount? 8/10 overall. Available online only. Great first job. Shop now, pay later. Good for teens that are new to the work force. There was always something to do, so never left just standing around. As above, it was just work experience. The hardest part is handling customers whom are distressed or upset, which I have learnt to resolve through patient discussion. What Does a Kmart Cashier Do? fantastic place to work, the people are very friendly. If you were to leave Kmart, what would be the reason? They have really caring towards workers and the managers are great. The managers were good people, even though they pushed you to get your work done as fast as possible they gave you time to ask anything you need to know and also had time to have a quick conversation with you. Updated on: October 13, 2016. Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers. Salary and Compensation How Much Do They Get Paid? Does Kmart require a background check? its a good pay & loving team members its not a hard hands on job either its quite relaxing and easy going even on busy days the breaks are great aswell, No fixed shifts. Get the inside scoop to help you choose and style our latest products.

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