Take "I buried my voice for you." Namjoon mentions this idea of Singularity when he referenced the book titled The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology in his V LIVE broadcast about the making of Love Yourself: Tear.

Other people accepting and loving who you are can be one of the greatest helps on the path to loving yourself. BTS – Singularity (English Translation and Ramblings) ... That is, it gives feeling of protection… and is also sometimes used to mean covering up faults (often by parents who try this to over-protect their children who may be doing something bad). Let’s Find Out!

We know that the running concept for this album is love that appeared to be destined but turned out not to be true, as this is a continuation from “DNA.” This is clearly seen in the title, “Fake Love,” but it is also referenced throughout several of the other songs. https://twitter.com/KeoneMadrid/status/993189159320731648?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E993189159320731648&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.koreaboo.com%2Fnews%2Fheres-vs-choreography-singularity-originated%2F.

The word ‘hide’ means V is hiding his true self from the world because of the unfamiliarity.

I thought this was symbolic of how much they can't say or express to the world. If they are wearing a mask, one might say they've lost themselves. The masks are representations of the fakery and are also a recurring theme in album.

I did this in video form here if you’d like to watch rather than read! Many people have shared their theories, among which is the theory that the video tells the story of Narcissus’s life. He always seems so sweet and doesn’t seem like he could hurt a fly…so if he needs to get the darker energy inside of him out through his songs, good for him. But no matter how it happens, it will happen at some point. In the second stanza, we have “throat” and “voice” as well as “pain” and “sound” appearing.

So he covers his mouth, his face instead. His earrings after putting on the mask have ‘LOVED’ written on them, which is the past tense of love. In the music video, V also touches the water and admires his own reflection in it. In the second chorus, before the last part, V finally has a dream to get himself out of hiding even though he is still helpless. I just stumbled upon your ramblings again and Singularity is really one of my favorites of Taehyung. Suddenly, I run to that lakeOh, my face is (reflected) inside of it. At one point he finally takes a mask as if he is about to put it on while scenes of water and flowers are interspersed. “Singularity” is a song for the album Love Yourself: Tear‘s trailer. I believe that BTS is saying they're aware this isn't the right path and it will only lead to loneliness, and are both expressing their emotions and trying to show their listeners that this isn't the way to gain any kind of love - that of others, or yourself.
Again, it’s all only fans’ theories.

Taehyung’s often depicted on plain backgrounds, blue, black, or white. When he makes the song, he is so enthusiastic thinking V will like it very much. Not only would that theory relate to the fans, but also the members themselves. I think this is a given that this is one of the meanings of the title. Fans are blown away by the reappearance and are convinced that the flower definitely holds a deeper meaning to the group’s big picture.

The lyrics tie directly into the MV. Now that we've had time to freak out over the perfection that is Kim Taehyung's visuals and voice and fully process the MV …

Before the choreography was done by V, Keone Madrid released the choreography video where it was done by Johnny Balik.

Although I don’t doubt there is some symbolism in the fact that they are not even people, but empty racks of clothing they must pretend are women.

“Singularity” is a song for the album Love Yourself: Tear‘s trailer. Title “Singularity” is another way to say “singular,” as in “the state of.”

This part is the same as Narcissus’s painting by Caravaggio where he is looking at water that has his reflection because he loves himself too much. RM is poetry-god.

If you've played our BTS inspired novel To the Edge of the Sky, then you'll know that I already had a concept with Taehyung's inspired character, Five, being someone who is represented by masks and shifting into other people, so I was thrilled, but surprised to see that it seems like I've been on the same page up to this point. I try to reach out my hand to cover the mouth With Singularity, we have the solid opening of an album about some of the harsh realities of love and relationships.
This song, like the rest of the album, connects to the larger story of this era, but honestly that could be multiple videos in and of itself. I took this as “what other choice do they have but to continue the way they are?” Tae cements this in the video by willingly taking the mask and putting it on. Late in 2017, a conspiracy theory was uncovered by observant A.R.M.Ys when a selfie of Jin holding a bunch of flowers was uploaded to social media with the caption “Smeraldo”. I didn't have a lot of time to review the video and lyrics and had to squeeze it in between work, so it could be wrong, but this is what felt right to *me* based on what I know. He can’t interact with fans the way he used to because of BTS’ busy lifestyle. He puts his hand through the clothes and acts as if it is a different person. The Bangtan Universe is expanding, and this new direction is a nice change. Or have I gained you? In the lyrics, it says "Tell me if my voice isn't real, if I shouldn't have thrown myself away, tell me if even this pain isn't real, what I was supposed to do back then.". ( Log Out / 

I’m really tired right now so I might not make much sense – will try to clean it up later.

This ties back to the theme of real vs fake, what is actually happening, and what is perceived reality?

V, or Kim Tae-hyung, is a member of the boy band BTS. Here are the videos of “Singularity” live performances! It’s used to say ice is breaking, but usually ice breaking sound doesn’t use this term.

Moving on, there's a scene where Tae reaches out and touches ice that almost cracks as he leaves the room.


The backup dancers are constantly doing different things in the background while Tae is doing another.

Behind him is a moving phantom mask following his dancing. A hint of the true emotions shine through when a black "tear" rolls down his face. (rest below the cut!). “But in the end, spring will come someday / The ice will melt and flow away / Tell me if my voice isn’t real”. Tae grabs at his throat, and his head. We do have a video for this song, so I’ll briefly touch on it here. And of course, these scenes are interspersed with the ice cracking.

Dealing with the negative things people to in order to be loved and love themselves...I believe it also fits into the concept of Love Yourself.If you're wearing a mask, it makes it nearly impossible to love yourself, as it makes you feel like people can't accept the true you. I’m afraid for him.

Change ). I believe the writer of this song must believe that the end of things is inevitable. A fan conspiracy theory has been proven with the release of BTS’s “Singularity” MV! The following scenes bring a room with flowers that have overgrown a room covered in newspaper clippings. Second, “Singularity” is written and produced by RM, after having nose surgery because of a deviated septum. This kind of dissonance, or being tugged between two forces is also present in the choreography itself. Translation of 'Intro: Singularity' by BTS (Bangtan Boys) (방탄소년단) from Korean to English Deutsch English Español Français Hungarian Italiano Nederlands Polski Português (Brasil) Română Svenska Türkçe Ελληνικά Български Русский Српски العربية 日本語 한국어 Let’s Find Out About... Who is Ji Chang Wook’s Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend? Is it his mental strength?

In “Singularity,” he shows more of his vocal abilities. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Should I not have dumped myself? I wish I'd had more time to dedicate to it, but hopefully it's coherent enough!

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