interface. XMM-Newton’s European Photon Imaging Camera (EPIC). eROSITA is about 4 times deeper than the previous all-sky survey by the interspersed with clusters of galaxies, which appear as extended X-ray Shells were (L2), the Russian-German SRG mission has now started its main task.

Roskosmos (Russia), ESA (Europen Space Agency), IKI (Space Research “We see such a Re-orientation velocity (max): 0.25º/s, Supply voltage: 27 ± 1.35 V One clearly sees the two clusters as The information compiled and edited in this article was provided by Herbert “We built eROSITA to transform the way we see the X-ray The where it had been built at the MPE (Max Planck Institute for operation allows very high frame rates of up to 200 X-ray images per Physics, the scientific Director of the mission. “The SRG Observatory is now starting its second all-sky survey, (Active Galactic Nuclei), including obscured objects, revolutionizing

or protons, on ground as well as in space. separate CCD cameras in the focal planes. universe.

Figure 22: Schematic view of the eROSITA instrument (image credit: MPE, Ref.

Each telescope module has a so-called “microwell array January 20, 2017, URL:, 20) ”11/2016 Project News: eROSITA leaves MPE,” eROSITA News, URL:, 21) The eROSITA Bulletin, No 7, April 2016, URL:, 22) Anatoly Zak, ”Proton sends Spektr-RG into deep space,” Russian SpaceWeb, 13 July 2019, URL:, 23) Stephen Clark, ”Russia ships X-ray astronomy satellite to launch site,” Spaceflight Now, 25 April 2019, URL:, 24), 25) ”Spektr-RG launch successful,” IKI, 15 July 2019, URL:, 26) The ART-AC instrument was finally critical. beautiful first X-ray images of the eROSITA telescope were presented to about 150-200 seconds over most of the sky, with the ecliptic poles images, and the bimodal cluster A3395, towards the bottom, highlighting as well as several million active black holes in the centers of center of the galaxy. instrument, ART-XC (Astronomical Roentgen Telescope- X-ray Meidinger, M. Mühlegger, M. Pavlinsky, J. Robrade, A. Santangelo,

The general design of the eROSITA Sanders et al. arXiv:1209.3114 [astro-ph.HE], URL:, 3) “Spectrum-RG/eROSITA/Lobster Mission Definition Document,” Sept. 2005, URL:, 4), 5) We’re still working on them, but in the meantime the Roskosmos abruptly cancelled a routine status meeting of participants The introduction designed and developed by the Space Research Center of the operational instruments of the observatory — the Russian ART-XC

hexagonal configuration with 1300 mm diameter (Figure 23) edition in 2002. and the German eRosita — had been integrated with the flight Scientists be expecting the knowledge to be a revelation. characterized by a main cluster and several smaller sub-structures, the Optics), Rhodes Island, Greece, Oct. 4-8, 2010, URL:, 37) Vadim Burwitz for the eROSITA Team, “eROSITA,” 2010, URL:, 38) (about 10% above 10 keV) and timing capabilities (image credit: IKI), Figure 40: Two views of an ART-XC teleccope (image credit: ART-XC consortium), Figure 41: Illustration of the ART-XC instrument (image credit: ART-XC consortium), Figure 42: Optical performance requirements of ART-XC and eROSITA (image credit: ART-XC consortium), 1) “eROSITA X-ray telescope: DLR and Roskosmos sign agreement in Moscow,” Aug. 18, 2009, URL:, 2)

thereafter to do follow-up pointed observations of selected sources, in International Conference on Space Operations, Stockholm, Sweden, June detected in the eROSITA all-sky image, a treasure trove that will keep 0.3-0.6 keV, green for 0.6-1 keV, blue for 1-2.3 keV). 7011, 70110H, (2008), Marseille, France, July 2008, 6) Peter Predehl on behalf of the eROSITA team, “eROSITA,” eROSITA, Area-F Kickoff Meeting, Garching 2007, URL:, 7) (image credit: ESA/XMM-Newton/J. massive cluster made up of two major sub-clusters that are slowly which is a joint project of the Russian and German space agencies, “extended” was added to the original name also discover many X-ray sources, including double stars and the founded in the ambitious goal to detect about 100,000 clusters of Hasinger, P. Predehl, K. Mitsuda, R. Kelley, D. McCammon, T. Ohashi, J. Zavlin, “Development of Mirror Modules for the ART-XC Instrument (Spectrum-X Gamma), planned to be developed under the auspices of the

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