Moon and River's home in the woods has grown into a small community, but the inhabitants constantly turn to Moon to solve their issues. Echo Creek Academy prepares for a football game against their rival school. There, she befriends Marco Diaz and lives with his family while attending Echo Creek Academy. Marco does various things in order to get Star and Glossaryck to reconcile. Star vs the Forces of Evil is a very powerful series, but the overall power varies greatly. Welcome to the Star vs.The Forces of Evil Ships Wiki, also known as the SVTFOE Ships Wiki, and colloquially known as the SVSTFOE Ships Wiki, the SVSTFOES Wiki, and the SVTFOES Wiki.This wiki is dedicated to the romantic pairings of the Star vs. Everyone then finally accepts Eclipsa and Globgor as their new rulers. Unfortunately, they go back too far and end up meeting the first Mewmen settlers of Mewni, who Glossaryck gifts the Royal Magic Wand to help them defend themselves and survive. DuckTales • Star is revealed to also still have a crush on Marco, but Tom believes they are just under the effects of the "Curse of the Blood Moon", which eternally bonds their souls together.

January 18. Bisignano, Jushtin Lee, Amelia Lorenz & Kenny Pittenger. Marco lies to Star, not telling her about the truth of his adventures and continues to help Hekapoo close portals. In the meantime, Eclipsa is put under house arrest. Marco tries to convince a policeman that stopped by that Heinous is evil but fails. Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an American animated television series created by Daron Nefcy and developed by Jordana Arkin and Dave Wasson. Pickle and Peanut • Producer(s) Upon being put to work to grind corn, Buff Frog frees himself to discover who is enslaving the monsters. Bisignano, Kristen Gish, Jushtin Lee & Kenny Pittenger. The first few episodes of the show were a little criticized for its lack of focus but many agreed that the show got better as it went on. Star receives a visit from Flying Princess Pony Head, her best friend from Mewni. [22] It premiered on July 15, 2017, with a two-hour long television movie entitled "The Battle for Mewni" and consisted of the first four episodes. Inside Star finds memorials to past queens, including her mother, who is revealed to have fought Toffee and cut off his finger, as well as the ancient queen Eclipsa, who married a monster. The Forces of Evil ships you desire!

However, afterwards they discover that the pies from the festival were made using Moon's recipe, finally giving them a genuine clue.
The series had been renewed for a second season a month before its Disney XD premiere. Star tries to make a replacement statue, but it lacks the scratches and dents that gave the original statue its character. Star is warned by a 'Bogbeast veteran' to listen for the bogbeasts song. What was your reaction to Starco becoming canon?

Fangbone! He competes with a giant spider as they go, Dominic Bisignano, Aaron Hammersley, Amy Higgins, John Infantino & Daron Nefcy. Afterwards, she privately tells Eclipsa that she should surrender. The first episode premiered on Disney XD on March 30, 2015. However, the location of the charger department proves extremely difficult to find and to get to.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil • Marco is set to receive an honorary degree from St. Olga's for inciting the rebellion. He eventually reveals Spider's secret which is where he vented his frustrations at all the other spells when no one would get along with each other, and just as everyone is leaving, Seeing-Eye understands its mistakes and remedies the situation by showing other truthful scenes where everyone is expressing their love for each other. Ponyhead claims that her sisters are dangerous and scheming, but they appear very nice and kind, making Pony Head seem like the mean one, who eventually leaves in anger after an argument. Gravity Falls • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marco teaches Star how to ride a bicycle, but Star does not know how to stop. He wakes her up and with the help of Glossryck and Eclipsa, they manage to return to Mewni.

He soon has a Mewni painter paint a portrait of him as a present to his new sibling, but the painter gets his image wrong, and the distorted magic painting disfigures him. Opening Theme Star, River and Marco, meanwhile, have been searching for Moon, but to no avail. However, their friendly talk is interrupted by Moon and the Magic High Commission, who capture Eclipsa. Rhombulus captures Star and Marco and encases them in crystal, believing that the former is the cause of the glitches that are affecting the dimensions. With the sanctuary flooded with sludge, Star and Queen Moon flee and find a new hiding place at Buff Frog's. Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! She eventually discovers the dog named Willoughby is actually an extra-dimensional being who didn't like life on her planet, so Star has her adopted by a strange lady named Lydia. Star freezes time with her wand so that Marco can appear at Echo Creek Academy on time for his morning greeting nod with his crush Jackie Lynn Thomas. Despite not being present at launch, all 4 seasons of Star vs. the Forces of Evil were added to Disney+ on December 1, 2019, less than a month after the debut of the streaming service in the United States and Australia. Before Mina can capture Meteora, Star demands to know more, but it leads to a conflict between the two. Catscratch •

Star's magic is not powerful enough, but she gets help from Eclipsa, Moon and Meteora and eventually the spirits of their ancestors. The other knights don't take this well, so Marco is subject to embarrassment and the knights gang up on him. Songstrel Ruberiot is tasked to write a song about Star for the traditional Mewman Song Day.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil follows fun-loving magical teen princess, Star Butterfly, who -- after a few bold skirmishes with other-worldly monsters -- is sent by her royal parents to live with the Diaz family on Earth, bringing along her own unique inter-dimensional style to her new planet. Battle for Dream Island • External links However, after being unimpressed by monster culture, Star accuses them of prejudice, until their daughter - Princess Penelope - is revealed to be in a relationship with one. The series follows the adventures of Star Butterfly (voiced by Eden Sher), the young turbulent heir to the royal throne in the dimension of Mewni, who is sent to Earth to mellow her reckless behavior.

While the show has not had any physical home video releases, Star vs. the Forces of Evil has been mostly avalible for purchase on digital platforms such as Amazon Prime. Harvey Beaks • It is then shipped back to Earth where Marco receives it and is surprised that his hoodie also has Star's scent. Christofer Graham, Mullen, & Carlos Ramos. Each episode is usually broken into two 11-minute segments. He meets with some of the court entertainers, and they steal the key, but River refuses to escape. Ludo then returns to the void to find himself while River is revealed to be alive and returns to Mewni. After Mr. Diaz fails to scare some kids with his haunted house, Star and Janna summon Hungry Larry, reputed to be a very scary spirit, to haunt the house. Although Marco thinks it's much like the Earthling condition, Star's is more extreme. Star rushes in and reveals that her communication device cannot pick up Moon or Ponyhead's devices, and she declares that they need to return to Mewni. He manages to contact Star and then brings her back to her senses. Marco comes across a message from Buff Frog that he's leaving Mewni along with his children and other fellow monsters, so Star and Tom venture to his swamp where he tells them that there's no room for them on Mewni anymore due to the discrimination of their kind escalating. Marco and his team once again fail to trap Meteora and everyone, with the exception of Tom, has their soul drained.

"Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell". Although Tom and Janna retrieve the boot back, the crow refuses to let them leave and shape-shifts into an oversized crow monster.

She broke into the restaurant's back door and found a cave where a large mural of Mewni origin lies. It is revealed that Star is attracted to a portal, but as she passes through, the camera is knocked off, and Marco begins to panic. She then begins telling Star the story of how she defeated Toffee with help from Eclipsa, who she reveals is still alive. She has to read her mother's book on how to act like a queen but she gets frustrated and decides to dress up in a more rebellious punk style. (And we wrote two!

Star eventually exits the wand after removing the something that does not inside of it, which is revealed to be Toffee's missing finger. [5] Nefcy did not want the gimmick about keeping the magic powers a secret from others as typical of magical girl shows, so she had the students already know about it and Marco's parents as well. Marco gathers video evidence of Jeremy's shenanigans, and is about to share it with Sensei on the day of the demonstration, but realizing it isn't honorable, he apologizes. Marco gets a car ride with Oskar as they pursue Star to get her the wand. Dominic Bisignano, Todd Casey, Casey Crowe, Aaron Hammersley, Amy Higgins, John Infantino & Daron Nefcy. There they find some monsters that have taken over the place but see no sign of Ludo. Marco does not believe Tom has changed but Star decides to go anyway. "Disney Tries Something New with 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil': A Woman Creator", "Women in Animation Host 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil' Panel", "Disney XD Orders Pair of Original Animated Series", "['Bon Bon the Birthday Clown' announcement]", "Disney XD Renews Al Yankovic's 'Milo Murphy's Law,' Eden Sher's 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil, "Disney Channel Launching Toon Series 'Amphibia' & 'The Owl House', Renews 'Star Vs. They are then confronted by the Pie King, who reveals Moon and Star's ancestor, Queen Festivia, to have been Pie Folk, making them part-Pie Folk themselves. Tom apologizes and tries to win back Marco with a Love Sentence song, and then raises Mackie Hands from the dead. She packs a large amount of stuff and goes to Buff Frog, who gives Star and Marco a map of Ludo's hideout.
Star, who loves birthdays and parties, wants to be invited. The real-life version of Star's magic book of spells! Later that night, Star brings Marco along, but Marco doesn't think they can go to the party. She has to take care of the dog and find its owner. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Meanwhile, Ludo leads his minions through the overgrown beard to find the wand. Janna, for the first time ever, displays actual stress of the constant pressure the group is putting on her. As everyone's souls return, Star allows Eclipsa to keep the wand. The Forces of Evil universe.

Star follows Mina and tries to train in her ways, which annoys Marco. Star's family and the Magic High Commission hold a memorial for Lekmet.

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