You get this right before you get the Arena Champion mission but in order to get the info you need, you have to beat the Arena Champion mission first. Due to his ability, his is an excellent and powerful companion. Speak with the Quartermaster. Patience Also, you will receive 150 Serum. You then have a choice of who to take the weapons too.

Check out the person of interest near Dandolo, the Zoologist. Technomancers – You can get the support of the Technomancers that you have saved in the Mutant Village. You can simply run straight to the entrance to The Slums, lose the aggro from the nearby squad of 3 soldiers and then enter to progress with the mission.

After the quest is completed, Andrew will become a more powerful ally and his relations with you will be improved. Find the marked locker and harvest the data, thanks to which you end this quest. At the end of the rocky corridor, you find your contact that you have to strike a deal with. There are about 10 enemies against you and your team at this part. After you go to the rover's location, you will find a white tablet behind it. Personal Protection The Vory will not give him up without fight, which is why you have to eliminate them in the first place. After you give the tablet to Eliza the mission is over and you get 2k Exp. This isn't the end of the quest. This is a quest from Amelia. Each artifact will always be located inside of an unlocked chest. The mutant from whom you can get this quest. It’s not a tough fight as it’s just 1v1 but be careful as if you fall below 15% health, she considers it a loss and you will have to challenge her again. If you want to drain them you can but you will lose Karma. This will let you create the Icebreaker so you can go to the Ice City. Now, return to the Vicar, where you can do one of the following: Rewards for completing the quest: 500 EXP, +3 rep. Amelia. You can run all the way to the entrance and avoid combat with everything except 5 soldiers guarding the entrance, but these aren’t hard to deal with. After that, return to the Mutant Valley and have Amelia fix up the Rover. Once again you must get to the Canyon, to the place where Scott was held. Now, you will have to follow the prostitute. How to unlock: speak with Andrew about his missing arm. Head to the next objective marker for the 2nd piece. Head to The Slums and enter the Vory warehouse. The choice is important since the faction you steal from (Noctis/Army) will be aware of that and you will slightly lose its respect (-1 rep.). The objective is located in the Vory warehouse, the same you've visited in the past. There is an optional objective to free the slaves. Return to the Quartermaster for your reward, 80 Serum.

He can poison you so try to stick with ranged but also watch out for exploding gas creatures. Talk to Ameila, then Scott and then Scott again and he will give you a few codes to try.

From here head to the objective marker and speak with Veronica Seeker outside the entrance.

Then you must return to Scum for reward. With one point in Charisma you will get a 75% chance of having him come back to your team and not be labeled a deserter. After a short conversation with him, head to Scott. Choose to help her and you get +3 Karma. You need to get to the city before sunrise. In Search Of The Lost Dome before you complete the main objective). I headed to my room nearby and spoke with her there. Speak with him to get onto the next stage of the quest. When you have to go talk to the Miltiaman you will get a science choice so equip your science armor.

He’ll tell you that Master Connor has gone down to the Underworks. When you reach the site fight through the enemies to reach the objective and then grab the Relic inside. To continue with the next stage of the quest, Archaeology in the Desert, you need access to a Rover. I said he left the city and got 1000 exp and 250 Serum. Rewards for completing the quest: 1000 EXP, +1 Mutant rep. How to unlock: during the conversation with a mutant in the Back on track quest select dialogue, and you will be given this quest. One of the objectives - the one related to getting the weapons from the barracks - should be automatically achieved if you completed the earlier side quests. He asks you to set up a meeting with him and Master Connor, which is an interesting little side quest. This is the next quest in Anton Rogue’s quest line after you complete the Contraband Recovery quest. Note - this quest serves as a supplementary one for quest A worm in the apple. You can defend her to accept 250 Serum and leave. Now, you will have to walk over the steel floor at the floor above the market place, where you find one of the clients in the passage. From there head to The Slums and walk around, eventually you will be attacked by one of the Black Dahlia Gang. Read thoroughly information in this walkthrough to prevent losing him. Jump over the wall (the gate is closed), get rid of the security and find five large, red containers in order to take what's inside. After you talk to him, he will attack. Whichever place you steal it from you will lose 1 rep there. Note: Once you travel here you cannot leave until you complete the quest. Get close to the enemies but don’t get too close. 500 experience points. From there return to the Barracks and speak with the captain for your reward. As the plaza is inaccessible you must get there through the southern passage, available from the second chapter, going from the Underground.

At this point, you will have to complete quest A worm in the apple, i,e, chase the mob boss out of the city. This time, however, you will go through the (previously closed) door in front of the corridor. Speak to the mutant there before talking to the prisoner at the control panel.

The second artifact is located in Noctis.

The Technomancer Quest Guide Check out this detailed The Technomancer Quest Guide for details on all of the main and secondary quests in The Technomancer including solutions to completing the difficult parts, outcomes of quests based on decisions, rewards and more. Note - as a result of killing the mob boss, you may be unable to take on some of the side quests. A Guide For A Young Nation – When you return to the Mutant stronghold this will be your next mission.

These quests include: In search for her Father, Gloaria, Brothers in Arms, Confession. There’s a trader on the map nearby, it’s right near there at the Person of Interest icon. Take him out for reputation with Jeffrey Hunter and some experience points. The final quest before leaving to discover a new area. You will then have to engage Anton Vogue to stop him sending people to Noctis so head back to The Slums. The last boss has a ton of HP so bring plenty of healing potions and be sure to upgrade anything you need to upgrade before you face it. Additionally, you must avoid contact with any of the Abundance's patrols like in The Exchange and in The Slums - stumbling upon them will start a battle. I got this quest from Niesha after speaking with Dandolo for the first time in Noctis. In Noctis the pump is located behind the gate which will be open if you completed Wind turbine robbery quest. The battle takes place inside of a small room, making traps extremely effective here. Speak with Scott Seeker and he will make you an antidote. You can have more than two dialogue options if you completed many side quests. Continue through the Fighting for Abundance quest line until you unlock the Rover. There are multiple choices here. You must complete them to gain the trust of specific masters. The artifact in Ophir is lying in unprotected chest. If you let him live you get +2 Karma, Noctis Reputation +2 and 25 Serum. Go into the shed and check the locker, it needs a code.

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