Be the first to ask a question about The Other End of the Line. As always, not a lot of actual police work is done by Montalbano’s men and the cat got just enough space but not so much to become “cute.” The murder case occurs while the authorities are trying to deal with the refugee crisis, which they do in a way that I suspect is rather more humane then it is in real life. The last of the series to be published while Camilleri was alive; there’s a posthumous book due out next spring.

The Inspector’s excessive hours and his obsession with his cases tries the patience of his regular woman friend, so the relationship in on again/off again. What I have always loved about the protagonist is his humanity, immense compassion and hate of hypocrisy. Niles escaped the fire due to "Holland" previously cutting the padlock from the cellar door. We could all do as well! It was some time back that I got tired of murder mysteries which tended to have the same storylines. This didn’t prove to be an obstacle to my enjoyment of the novel in any way. When the film aired on CBS in the 1970s, the final shot replaces Winnie's line with a voiceover by Niles: "Holland, the game's over. The only thing that is working in Cassie's world is her small town bus... Jennifer and Vince, virtual strangers, find themselves strapped for ca... Manchester is a struggling photographer with charm to spare who falls... Uptight French chef, Sara Westbrook, gets fired up when her upscale ca... "Miss World 1970: The launch of a revolution", "If it chooses you, nothing can save you. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place.

Instead the farm is looked after by their father's brother George and his wife Vee, along with their bratty son Russell. Earlier, Niles and Holland sneak into the barn their neighbor Mrs. Rowe and try to steal some preserves, but a jar drops and is broken, causing her to scold Niles (whom she mistakes for Holland) and report him to Ada. It was great to get transported to the world of Salvo Montalbano, his life partner Livia, his colleagues from the Vigata police station: Fazio, Cattarella, Mimi Augello. She has a primitive sense of imagination and drama, which is the greatest thing an adult can give a child...Her only failing is that she has a maternal love so strong that it blinds her to what is happening. Also residing nearby are the twins' pregnant older sister Torrie, her new husband Rider, and their Russian emigrant grandmother Ada, with whom Niles shares an especially close relationship. So, into his 90’s, no longer able to see, this author, the maestro had to tell another story about his wonderful Sicilian detective. Just as well they now have numbers of the spines as they are all rather similar, composed of familiar setpieces, some of which are beginning to pall. In revenge for Russell tattling about the cellar, and to prevent him from telling about the ring, Holland hides a pitchfork in a haystack in the barn. A build-up of characters, followed by the murder, followed by a sequence of sub-plots, followed by an innocent person getting caught, and finally an ending which would be totally unrelated from bulk of the plot.

Having read a couple dozen of these books over the years, I think I'd recognize these types if I met them on the street. Ada realizes that Niles has been using the game to keep his brother alive in his mind, and that it is in fact Niles who is responsible for all of the tragedies.

But while on duty at the dock one late night, tragedy strikes, and Elena is found gruesomely murdered. The 24th instalment of the late Andrea Camilleri's Salvo Montalbano crime novels & it delivers the usual entertainment.

Realizing what has happened, Ada pours kerosene into the cellar and throws herself into it with a kerosene lamp, causing an inferno that burns the barn down. A build-up of characters, followed by the murder, followed by a sequence of sub-plots, followed by an innocent person getting caught, and finally an ending which would be totally unrelated from bulk of the plot.

He dictated this one (his 24th) in 2016 (he was blind at the end), and it includes references to stuff that made him angry, notably the EU's attitude to migrants from North Africa. (Montalbano and the coroner clearly have an ongoing feud that runs through the series.) Ultimately stylish and entertaining “The Other End Of The Line” is a masterful mystery with a satisfying plot line and escapist wonderment. You cannot beat an Inspector Montalbano if you feel like you're in a reading slump.

as Priya R. Sethi. Austin Basis. It’s a lazy story and lazy writing. Just judging it by what it is - a mass market, formulaic, dime store mystery - it was super predictable and boring. Larry Miller. Reading the last volume, I felt like I was coming in on the tail end of a long conversation between the various characters. Inspector Montalbano is very reluctant to meet her for a fitting for a new suit, but turns out to be quite impressed with Elena and Meriam, her assistant. The voiceover is dubbed by a different child than the actor and may have been edited into the television version to imply that Niles had not gotten away with murder, but was waiting to be taken to a mental health care facility. Montalbano’s team is stretched to the limit with their normal investigative duties during the day and their assignment to help with off-loading the hundreds of migrants landing of the Sicilian shores every night. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. Mouthwatering reading of not stretching! When asked about the film in a 1977 interview, Tryon recalled "Oh, no. Decades later, on an episode of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, Ritter paid tribute to Robert Mulligan in a scene where his character quoted To Kill a Mockingbird.[5]. This CD was released 25 years after the release of the film. We’d love your help. Produced by Lewis M. Allen , Peter Newman and Mary Steenburgen , the film was shot in Arkansas. Martin Udvarnoky works as a massage therapist in Summit, New Jersey. It will be interesting to see whether another writer will set contemporary crime stories in scintillating & stimulating Sicily...or perhaps...they already have?! I read this story which was already familiar to me as I'd seem the adaptation of it on the TV. The tailor has a past and although she has reinvented herself it will be found!! In this outing for the Inspector it starts with the Vigata team helping to police the daily arrival of migrants on trawlers and fishing boats. Some reviews I have seen in Italian (I don't think the English translation has been done yet) are disappointed at real life intruding into this latest novel but, in my view, Camilleri has taken a brave and successful decision in doing this. On one hand there’s a continuing saga of inspector Salvato Montalbano,his longtime girlfriend Livia, and his co-workers in the”Commissariati di Pubblica Sicurezza” and on the other there’s a nightly drama of migrant refugees at the ports on the Sicilian coast and of course the grizzly murder that alters the course of the story. However, Camilleri has written an intriguing mystery that does well to highlight the refugee crisis.

Camilleri died in July aged 93 so we will shortly start to run out of Montalbano books.

In the morning the beach shows the trauma of the night before in terms of clothes, life jackets and plastic bottles and even a body. While Niles is playing "the game" with Ada, Russell jumps into the haystack and is impaled. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

There is not much notable about this novel - and that's good! "End of the Line" appeared in the George Harrison-produced cult comedy Checking Out.. A version sung by Dennis Waterman was used as the theme tune for the pilot of the BBC production New Tricks.The song has also been included in TV …

Assistant director/associate producer Don Kranze picked the location for the house in Murphys, having remembered it from the 1947 film The Red House. Montalbano's small police force is stretched to help handle this new work, and trying to find local, qualified volunteers: fluent in Arab or medical skills. It was a good series, not great but of a reliable standard and never uninteresting. The death is violent and although there are 3 suspects none total.

Though she enriches and turns on the child’s imagination, her gift is used in a destructive way by the child.”[4]. On one hand there’s a continuing saga of inspector Salvato Montalbano,his longtime girlfriend Livia, and his co-workers in the”Commissariati di Pubblica Sicurezza” and on the other there’s a nightly drama of migrant refugees at the ports on the Sicilian coast and of course the grizzly murder that alters the course of the story. I have read 11 of the series and am about to start the final one, The Safety Net. We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. In contrast the main case is the death of the female tailor who is meant to be making Salvo a suit for Livia friend’s reaffirmation of her wedding vows. This doesn't harm his appetite, as both Adele and Enzo are in rare form in keeping the Comisa. One day while playing in the cellar, they are discovered by Russell, who sees that Niles is wearing the Perry family ring. Through a set of coincidences the Inspector makes the acquaintance of a tailoress who is later brutally murdered.

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Montalbano was himself getting a suit made from the charming woman to attend an event he didn't even want to go to with his longtime girlfriend. A Chorus Line is a musical with music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Edward Kleban, and a book by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante.. Set on the bare stage of a Broadway theater, the musical is centered on seventeen Broadway dancers auditioning for spots on a chorus line. Director Robert Mulligan had hoped to shoot the film on location in Connecticut, where it takes place, but because it was autumn when the film entered production (and therefore the color of the leaves would not reflect the height of summer, when the story takes place) this idea was dropped. In this 24th book in the series, Camillieri explores the tragedy of the Syrian immigrants fleeing death, war and persecution.

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