The Amphibia is a popular watch that is highly sought by many watch enthusiasts. The blue Scuba Dude has raised indices for each hour, which gives the watch a slightly richer appearance — if that can be said for a Vostok Amphibian. The bidirectional bezel was popular with vintage dive watches since the manufacturing process was easier.

The overall feel as soon as you handle it is that it’s very thin and tinny feeling (a bit like the crown I mentioned earlier). Learn About: What watch does Russian Military wear? The contrast and the large classic arrow hour hand work very nicely. It would be some time until they would get around to the Amphibian. Back in 1967, Vera Belov and Mikhail, watch designers of a watch factory in Chistopol, was given a big challenge, to design a new dive watch that is reliable to up to 200 meters. To get around this problem, the Amphibia was designed to actually flex, the caseback pushing in more and more onto a large rubber gasket as the pressure increased. Extremely bright at first when entering somewhere dark, it quickly fades to almost nothing, in less than 10 minutes. A Watchuseek Russian watch forum member wrote an interesting detailed analysis of the waterproof capabilities of the Amphibian, so be sure to check it out. To get past these problem, the Novikov and Belov designed the Amphibia to flex. The Vostok-Europe Men's 2432/5954194 features a greyish black steel casing. You guys know those Hersey Kisses tin foil wrappers? Sapphire is very scratch resistant.

It’s so flimsy and easy to move that vigorous “bumps” can move it ever so slightly, altering timekeeping. Based on Bainbridge Island, Washington State, USA. I’ll discuss this further in the Accuracy section below, but this all helps the Amphibia to actually work as a “real” dive watch, unlike many of the pretenders. The Amphibia does not have a “hacking” function; that is, the seconds hand will not stop when the crown is pulled out, which would allow a precise setting of the time. When it's fully wound, it can last for 31 hours at the very least.​, This watch also comes with luminous markings and hands. This also means that Mike and I will end up doing reviews of all the case variations down the road. This is well within the -10 to +30 seconds range claimed by Vostok for the watch (at 20 degrees Centigrade plus or minus 5). He had realised that the great nation that he led did not have the capacity to create wristwatches for its people. Amazon's trademark is used under license from, Inc. or its affiliates, 1. However, it is decently looking and a great beginner’s dive watch. But the great thing is that the modding community around Vostok Amphibia is HUGE, cheap, and really a lot of fun. Or just for fun. The movement seems to be manufactured at various levels of quality, because some of the Russian watches with this movement seem to have a higher quality feel.

But my theory is that you can judge the ‘classic’ status of a watch by the number and loyalty of its fans. But overall, the classic Amphibia is a very easy to read wristwatch, which is as it should be, for the primary purpose of a watch is to tell time…although too many manufacturers have forgotten that dictum. That's where this VOSTOK AMPHIBIA REVIEW comes into play. The hour hand is a very basic triangle on a rectangle while the minute hand is an elongated bar that tapers towards the ends. Plus Vostok actually supports this by offering a whole suite of fun and different bezels for folks to buy and swap around. The new Vostok SE Amphibian release is certainly appealing to a dive watch collector/enthusiast. Vostok Europe Men’s 2432/5954194 Russian Movement Watch - Best Russian Watch, 1. Check the Amphibia watch manual here in case you need more guidance on how to operate the watch. 420374 – 'Zissou' – ships wheel and anchor on dial. Many Vostok fans will tell you that the Amphibia is one of the best values going. Kaz has been collecting watches since 2015, but he’s been fascinated by product design, the Collector’s psychology, and brand marketing his whole life. The Soviet Defense Department commissions Mikhail Novikov and Vera Belov of the Chistopol Watch Factory to design a watch for their servicemen that would be cheap, reliable to up to 200m and rugged enough to withstand various harsh conditions. That it comes in a huge variety of colors and face designs makes it even more desirable, and you may find that one, two or more Amphibians will end up in your watch box and in regular wrist rotation. It's a great choice for people who have allergies to certain kinds of metals.​.

The endlinks are hollow and the clasp mechanism isn’t really the best. The knurled edge is very thin, making it hard to grip properly, and the bezel was very stiff to rotate. One could make the argument that for a 200m dive watch, it may feel a bit light. As soon as it arrived I immediately took the bracelet off (which was sized way too large for my wrist) and replaced with this NATO style strap from the NATO Strap Company. This can bring the Amphibia’s seconds hand to within almost exactly one second of the seconds hand on the Casio. These watches should tell good time and be tough. In fact, some Amphibia owners have taken Vostok up on the claim, with underwater photos to prove it! Starking AM0184 Watch – A Lot of Watch for the Money. The Vostok Amphibia is an affordable dive watch that is available for under $100. The standard method for designing a watch that could withstand great depths was to purely use brute strength, relying on strong materials and extremely accurate machining to fit the parts together. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. In the US:     In the UK: The Zissou is one of the popular Vostok Amphibia models on the market. It’s way too difficult to choose between a black or a blue Scuba Dude Amphibian, so many owners buy both! I’ve heard people claim it has physically injured them while wearing it. Vostok Amphibia review downside of this watch: it's only water resistant up to 50 meters. OK for entering into a dark space from outside, while your eyes are adjusting.

However, I promise to only link to products I enjoy myself and recommend! I’ve been wearing mine during all waking hours, and it’s been on my wrist for a lot of activities – from SCUBA diving to working on a diesel engine. These terms describe the movements of the hand. So then I have a date window staring at me with an incorrect date. When you’re using the crown it can feel a little tinny and thin.

In fact, diamond is the only commonly used gem that can scratch sapphire. Even though acrylic scratches easily, it’s also relatively easy to polish the marks out and bring it back to new. Vostok Amphibia Review - Buyer’s Guide. The poor luminosity makes this watch useless for diving in areas with poor visibility or at night. I tell folks all the time it’s literally a vintage dive watch that’s still in production. Around the edge of the bezel is a stylized 3-strand braided rope, a very common thing to find on ships. During this time ownership of the factory essentially changed hands gradually to product distributors and local Chistopol city stakeholders because the government began handing out ownership shares in the company in order to pay its debts. The Amphibians power reserve (how long it will keep ticking before needing to be wound) is close to 2 days. This really adds a lot to the charm as far as I’m concerned. This beloved automatic is an inexpensive workhorse and a favorite of collectors world-wide. Around the edge of the face appears a stylized 3-strand braided rope. However, light clockwise pressure on the crown (as if trying to reverse the minute hand) when it is pulled out all the way will usually stop the seconds hand. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; The watch’s caseback is made to push more and more onto a rubber gasket as the pressure increased. If you don’t set the Amphibian watch, it will be gaining about 40 seconds a day. There’s several places to choose from when ordering a Vostok watch, I ended up going with Jectronics due to them having a decent selection, and being located in the U.S.A, so I didn’t have to wait as long for the watch to arrive. 0 0. Setting the time is easy.

The watch has an acrylic crystal, a screw-on back with a nice gasket underneath and a screw-in crown which operates in, shall we say, a fashion that is unique to the Amphibian. If you have any questions or comments about the Vostok Amphibia 420 or any Amphibia model, please let me know in the comments below! To wind the watch, unscrew the crown until it is free, apply light pressure outside, and turn the crown clockwise.

It may be hard to see in photos, but in person it brings a nice refreshing note so the color doesn’t feel too one-dimensional.

As you go deeper with the watch, its water resistance increases. This Vostok Amphibia watch is automatic, specifically a self-winding movement type.

The bidirectional bezel of the Amphibia is difficult to rotate. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The first two had to be re-oiled after about 6 years. Obliviously many of the dive watches that the Amphibia was contemporary with back then upgraded for the more reliable unidirection click bezel. The Soviets spotted the opportunity that the sale of this asset presented and a delegation snapped up the factories assets, 21 of its talented staff and took the lot back to Moscow to start the Soviet dream of being self reliant on timepiece production.

090660 – squarish case, black dial. The black Scuba Dude Amphibian shown in the photos measures 0.2 millimeters less than 40 mm for the watch case and it is 14.4 mm thick. It takes a sensitive hand and some practice to pull on the crown with just a light amount of pressure, which allows the gears to catch while winding the watch. Now, here’s the hard part – Where can you buy one?

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