Not that Ms. Razer needs my help (with her many years of experience in the field), and would never presume to attempt to try. Later, with sales lagging, her agent suggested it was time for a new pseudonym altogether. Of course, the downside of this, in Christian circles, is that adult Christian readers still do not gravitate to Christian speculative fiction in the way that middle school and young adults appear  to.

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Or the Bible, for that matter. I think it’s more a cycle coming round than anything. That filled her with some righteous indignation, along with the envy writers often feel when someone is more successful. The issue of content is difficult. Shit can go off the rails. . Every show in the contemporary slate of golden agers requires that the characters be in constant danger of being killed (Madmen the exception). Like, it’s the fan-ficcing of mass culture or something. There is nothing outside the text. But reading YA doesn’t make for much of a confession these days: A 2012 survey by a market research firm found that 55 percent of these books are bought by people older than 18. I do, however, consider myself a literary critic. Game of Thrones, in its written and televised forms, has never been marketed as young adult, but as most determinedly adult. As you get older, and consume a wider diversity of Art, you learn to recognize what is quality Art and what isn’t, irrespective of whether it floats your boat or not. The answer is: bugger all. It is painfully obvious that you harbor some secret need to elevate yourself above the repellant ignorance of the great unwashed. Darkness in YA literature is inappropriate, and denotes a slipping of moral standards. This past decade, they have given us Twilight and Harry Potter when, really, they should have kept that bunk for themselves. Let that sink in for a minute.

I got pissed-off at the cop-out that was the final episodes of Battlestar Gallactica, Dexter and Lost. no reason young adults can’t understand proper books. She is a baby. So of course they’re looking for something with a little more optimism, something they can really delve into to get out of the crazy world they really have no control over (yet). Mon. As I made plain in my answer, I do not implicitly believe that YA is a genre. Harry Potter is the same way, and I would never lump Harry Potter and Twilight in the same universe. It’s all rather cyclical and reinforcing and thematic. A journalist, Noxon’s chief task was to observe the Western practice of adults refusing to put away their childish things. The topic became one of the top worldwide trends. For example, I don’t like Liszt, but the last thing I’m going to do is say Liszt was anything less than Genius, whereas I think the band train, which I don’t like equally as much as Liszt, are the biggest embarrassment to music possibly ever. best example of this is the Cersei ‘rape or not rape’ ‘controversy. I still recall speaking to a literary agent (about the time The Hunger Games were all the rage), who flat-out said. If someone critiques my favourite telly show (Mad Men, for the record) and uses it to say some stuff about other stuff, then I don’t usually get miffy. I’m very glad you wrote about this, actually.

Thanks for keeping it real. if i choose to enjoy young adult fiction, that’s my choice.

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