"Chrom, are you departing again?" Can't talk now, we got an emergency! We're SOLDIER!

Wiz: Chrom is a direct and committed person, and he will unflinchingly charge forward to uphold his beliefs and values, even if it means he puts himself in unfavorable positions. He sounded very… nervous.

Robin waited to see what Chrom had to say. UGH! Frederick stood upright, "Milord, Robin has come to speak with you, it appears he may have some developments that you might want to oversee", Chrom nodded at his ally, "Very well, could you find Robin and bring him here?" When she Tifa was passing "I'm not a street" street she met Aerith. It might be more effective if we were to investigate the Gate while having you nearby, since it could be the easiest way to keep enemies or Yllise away, and allies welcomed easier." Wiz: Chrom had a natural sense of justice and spent his time training and eventually came to lead the elite force known as The Shepherds, as their leader Chrom became well acquainted with the battlefield. Wiz: Not to mention, the Falchion has some excellent durability, as it has survived for over thousands of years and hasn’t been broken once, only natural age has required the Falchion be mended, hence why it’s appearance does not reflect the way it was thousands of years prior. After almost everyone got out, they looked at Midgar. WARNING: The following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses for the following character. Boomstick: Since the Buster Sword carries two slots for Materia, Zack can bring some extra power into the fray, his preferences? – moaned Cloud holding on to the door as hard as he could. By: Elunar Therian PSYco. I have to buy Sephiroth a present for his birthday. Zack raised his left arm and gripped his Buster Sword, Chrom gripped his already drawn Falchion, and the two men observed each other, readying for a battle. Zack became increasingly afraid and worried, "I will look for him, but what does he look like, Chrom?" Only Zack kept on laughing. Boomstick: And Zack Fair, the 1st Class SOLDIER, He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick! "Chrom, are you alright!?" Suddenly a new red headed figure entered the room. Now what? Hi Cid! Govan246 2 years ago #1. Zack then turned around, and saw the Outrealm Gate from where he had originally entered this world from, Zack took a deep breath, and picked up the Buster Sword, placing it on his back, and slowly walked towards the Outrealm Gate, "Well Chrom, let's go and find Robin." Barret quickly changed his hand to BFL – Big Fucking Laser. Barret called. Zack solemnly returned. You bet! I know! an angered Zack responded to Genesis's voice. Zack simply didn't have the answers at this time, but the hopes and wishes of his friends remained with him, even at this moment, Chrom noticed that Zack had not attacked, "Worried about friends of your own, Zack? Zack Fair . It features the Chrom from the Fire Emblem video game series, and Zack Fair from the Final Fantasy video game series. Wiz: The Falchion was forged by one of the two fangs of the Divine Dragon Naga, Naga did this because she feared that Dragons would one day become a threat to the world, including themselves, and what she had predicted came true. with his Buster Sword on his back, Zack had a boxing pose, with his hands close together, fists upright and on face-level, "I got it! Boomstick: But eventually his old man bit the dust, and Zack was left to inherit everything Angeal had passed down to him, including Angeal’s weapon, the Buster Sword.
Wiz: Anyway, Marth became the most widely known wielder of the Falchion, and even after thousands of years, the Falchion remained a weapon that belonged to Marth’s known descendants. What did you get? Boomstick: They say one way to measure a man is to figure out how badass his sword is. Tifa was on her way to the Midgar mall: it was Sephiroth's birthday in six days and she needed to get him a present. Boomstick: But for the Shinra Electric Power Company, this meant taking their idea to quite an extreme, see they weren’t just an electricity company, they were also experts in military technologies, genetic engineering and space exploration. – screamed Cid who immediately got his mouth filled with waste. – I tried to tell you to stop! Talk about being ready to find that woman and get down to busin-. Chrom nodded to Zack "That is the Outrealm Gate, it's a pathway to other worlds, and it seems you're one of those beings who've ended up in this world." Besides that, a very loud metallic noise could be heard now and then. Get the fuck out! Suddenly the toilet made a loud gurgling noise and a big wave of crap hit Denzel. I swear on your life I will find Robin and bring him home" Zack adamantly claimed that he would do all in his power to find this lost friend, Chrom smiled with relief, as he mustered the strength to left himself up enough to look Zack in the eyes, "I believe in you Zack, I know you'll find Robin, now please... go...." Chrom's strength vanished and he couldn't look up anymore, he gazed up at the skies, Zack went silent, he knew what had happened, he gently closed Chrom's eyes, and put his arms together, and briefly handled the Fire Emblem and Falchion, putting them side by side and joining them together, to make sure they were not separated. Barret flew out of the room with a little bolt in his SUB hand! Someone took a slice of the Midgar pizza. Oh, hi Tifa, hi Aeris! Everyone cheered happily… Except Reno. You know what I mean, the Fire Emblem is a Shield that can house five jewels, and if all five of those pretty boys are assembled, Chrom can awaken Falchion. – Reno pointed at the top of the Shin-Ra building. Zack regained his composure and continued to drive his efforts into battling Chrom, the Exalted Prince continued to battle his foe, Chrom put his Falchion into its sheath, Zack's eyes widened for a moment, as it looked like Chrom was going to stop fighting, but in reality, Chrom had reached behind his back, and pulled out a Silver Lance, and held it in a similar fashion to how he would hold Falchion "So, you got more than just your Sword, good utility", the SOLDIERs words of praise carried with them an invitation to continue the fight, Chrom took his new weapon and went into battle once more, Chrom began by performing more thrusting moves, particularly with the head of the Lance, Zack suddenly noticed Chrom wasn't aiming to hit more broadly but was instead aiming to hit more fiercely, with a weapon that Zack doesn't have any experience fighting against. Some other members of the gang were climbing out as well. But Zack learned the truth of Shinra as he was forced to fight former friends before he died, passing his legacy on to another. Wiz: The power of a 1st Class SOLDIER is extreme, but not invincible, Zack, for the most part, is naive and impulsive, and will act accordingly, additionally, his skills have a finite pool of energy before he is unable to use them, additionally, his fighting style is not as refined as you may suspect. ", Chrom had no time to react fully, as the Buster Sword had hit Chrom on his armor on his leg, Chrom felt the armor broken, and his blood having been drawn, Chrom quickly looked to his side and noticed the spear-head of his Lance was still intact, Chrom quickly grabbed it, and used it as a blunt weapon, stabbing Zack on his torso, with both men sustaining hard to ignore injuries, Zack backed up, unable to have grabbed the Buster Sword due to his injury, Zack grabbed the spear-head and pulled it out with his two hands. Hero's Entrance: Jumps into the air and thrusts the Buster Sword to the ground, creating a shockwave that damages nearby enemies. Boomstick: Zack is also the more experienced fighter than Chrom. Fuck you all. Robin!!" Genesis then engages with Zack, but loses and plummets to his apparent death. Firaga and Thundaga, his reliable method of using Fire and Thunder in battle. You idiots? Chrom swings Falchion several times, Chrom then spins his weapon before thrusting it into the ground, Chrom then stands upright and looks forward. His face twitched with fury. Wiz: And combining their previous occupation as a weapons manufacturer, Shinra eventually were able to uncover a way to harness the life energy of the planet, known as “Mako”, Capitalizing on this revolutionary energy source, the company installed Mako Reactors all over the globe, and their influence and financial gains grew by leaps and bounds. Chrom vs. Zack Fair is a What-If?

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